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Harness technology training to benefit seniors and Canada with Carp Forms TECH CONSORTIUM VIRTUAL NETWORK

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Toronto, August 5, 2022 /CNW/- canadian carp The largest and most influential association fighting for the needs and rights of aging Canadians innovates in virtual collaboration, virtual communities and virtual learning designed to leverage technology to empower older adults We are pleased to announce a new and exciting program.

of carp The SENIOR-TECH VIRTUAL NETWORK consists of three main programming streams:

  • Tech Literacy – Improve the digital skills and knowledge of older adults and offer additional programs for indigenous and isolated communities.
  • Technology for health and everyday life – providing access to secure self-help, professional help, telemedicine, clinical trials and other health-related and age-appropriate digital knowledge and services
  • Tech Talent – ​​Building on the qualifications, experience, and work ethic of Canadian seniors to advance and build adjacent skills for retirement careers in technology, healthcare, and finance.

“This could be a game-changing program for seniors in Canada. Bill Van Gorder, Carps Chief Operating Officer. “It’s a myth that older people can’t handle technology. We are already heavy users and keen to improve our skills. carp We know that seniors are an untapped resource for the tech industry and job market. Together with our virtual network collaboration partners, we are building a package of lifelong learning and on-the-ground age-appropriate innovation and disruption. Remove barriers for a more diverse and qualified multigenerational remote workforce. ”

As partners in the development of this program, carp has secured a coalition of leaders in the areas of technology, online learning, community infrastructure and support. Our three-person program steering committee consists of the following members:

  • terry marlene princePresident and CEO of Terida, an innovative and award-winning international IT solutions organization whose CLASsoft™ RegTech platform serves as the secure front-end authentication, communication and workflow engine for the project’s virtual network. increase.
  • Anna ForgioneChief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary of D2L, a global learning technology company, said: carp Training with Brightspace, a learning innovation platform.
  • Stephen J. AugustineHereditary Head of the Grand Council of Mi’kmaq and (retired) Vice Chancellor for Indigenous Affairs at Unamaki University, Cape Breton Universityleading a collaborative network of indigenous communities for the project.

“At D2L, we are committed to accessibility in learning and to providing learning experiences that meet the needs of all people, regardless of age or ability. Anna Forgione“We are excited to join Tech Consortium Virtual Networks to advance technology literacy and empower seniors through our learning innovation platform, Brightspace.”

Terida’s robust CLASsoft™ RegTech platform, and interconnection with D2L’s secure learning innovation platform, and interconnection with Terida’s partner Syngrafii for iinked Sign™ eSigning, and using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Canada As an infrastructure-as-a-service provider of Tech Consortium Virtual Networks, carp We have technology, technology leadership and support, advisors, trainers, mentors and potential employers from day one.

carp It is the ideal catalyst for this initiative.” prince terry“They are reliable Canada’s Senior demographics, and vision and reach for recruiting participants. we, carp We look forward to working with the Tech Consortium Virtual Network to make this a reality. ”

Join us in August carp Tech Consortium Virtual Network’s first program, From Cards to Cloud, carp A Conversation with a Canadian Senior in IT and Cyber”.

The rollout of virtual network registration to Canadian seniors and participating organizations and businesses is expected to begin in fall 2022.

carp We have submitted an application for project funding to the Federal Economic Development Agency for the Southern Ontario Jobs and Growth Fund.

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For more information: or to arrange an interview, please contact CARP’s Chief Membership Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, David Cravit. [email protected]