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Governor Wolf emphasizes PAGI Building Legacy, which provides higher education to military families

Governor Tom Wolfe today announced the success of his PAGI bill, also known as the Military Family Education Program (MFEP), which allows members of the Pennsylvania National Guard (PNG) to obtain college benefits for their spouses and children. I celebrated. The PA GI Bill was the first program of its kind in the country when the law was signed on July 1, 2019, and is currently free for more than 3,300 dependents of the Pennsylvania Army and Air Guard members. Or register for the opportunity to receive higher education at a lower cost. education.

“PA National Guard is one of the largest and most hard-working National Guards in the United States. Whether it’s a peacekeeping mission or a pandemic, whether it’s foreign or domestic, these devoted soldiers are our federal. Will never fail when it comes to serving this country, “said Governor Wolf. “The backbone of the Pennsylvania National Guard is their family. Pennsylvania rewards these soldiers and airmen by securing the future of their spouses and children and improving the quality of life for all. Was essential. “

The PA GI Bill is a program that provides the educational benefits that National Guard members can earn to transfer to their spouse or child if they re-enlist in service for another six years.

This program offers 10 semesters of free or low-cost education for families. This benefit is an educational institution approved by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Support Organization (PHEAA) and must be used for tuition fees set by the Pennsylvania State Higher Education System (PASSHE).

The PA GI bill allows PNG members to transfer or defer educational benefits by designating eligible beneficiaries until they complete the Guard service. The spouse is also eligible to take advantage of education benefits as soon as the service member leaves the guard or up to 6 years later.

Since the program began on July 1, 2019, 2,879 members of the Pennsylvania Army and Air Force State Soldiers have enrolled in the program, and 3,357 dependents have been enrolled in the program.

“Our military families support soldiers and airmen during their many absences. Thanks to the PA GI bill, they are in higher education without wondering if they can afford to pay tuition. “We are now able to plan,” said Major Mark Schindler, Deputy General of Pennsylvania and Head of the Veterans Affairs Department. Office work. “Through this unique program, we have improved retention, increased readiness, and improved the quality of life for the National Guard family.”

“Because my wife and I are both members of the Air National Guard in Pennsylvania, we have educational benefits. We want our one-year-old son to have access to a military family education program in the future. Re-enlisting for another six years was an easy decision, “said Sergeant Staff. Chiara Rivera-Coir. “This educational benefit has helped reassure us two, knowing that there are options available to him when it’s time to go to college.”

“The Pennsylvania GI Bill is the kind of law I wanted to serve in the Senate,” said Senator Lindsey Williams. “I’ve heard from members of the National Guard who have used this program over the past few years. This investment in education has helped families realize their dreams. I’m a major member of the law that created the Pennsylvania GI Bill. We are very proud to be a co-sponsor and can’t wait to realize the legacy of the wonderful works created by these students. Dedication and service to investing in the education of today’s National Guard and their families. By praising, we are creating the next generation of wonderful Pennsylvanians. “” Two years ago, the state legislature worked together in a bipartisan effort to pass the PA GI bill, which is the Pa state. It’s part of our commitment to men and women to serve the Guard, “said National Guard Scott Conklin. “The federal GI bill has produced generations of leaders, including three presidents. In the future, I think we’ll see similar benefits in state programs. This is for veterans. Not only will it help you get the education you need, but the investment you’re making today will also create the leaders your state needs tomorrow. It’s a great program and I’ve been able to support it. I’m proud. “

PNG is the second largest National Guard in the United States, with approximately 18,000 soldiers and airmen in all counties throughout the federation.

PNG members are eligible for an Education Support Program with a 6-year initial service obligation to provide non-transferable educational benefits.

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