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GigaCloud Technology Rethinks Global B2B

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GigaCloud Technology is a furniture association solution partner that can help members in supply chain struggles. Rethink global B2B with GigaCloud technology to browse, buy and deliver thousands of products at your fingertips.

First and foremost, GigaCloud Technology facilitates both procurement and fulfillment. Due to the lack of sourcing platforms, last mile infrastructure, physical and online stores inventories, the e-commerce industry has long been underserved in the large commodity markets. GigaCloud Technology changes that with its best business-to-business (B2B) marketplace, outstanding fulfillment system, AI and machine learning, and resellers do more, sell more, do more. I will be able to do it.

B2B Marketplace

Users can browse the GigaCloud B2B Marketplace to find over 16,000 stock keeping units (SKUs), including furniture and other large household items. By acting as an online portal, GigaCloud connects suppliers and resellers, enabling them to negotiate ideal terms for their business. We understand that B2B is not always simple, so ready-to-ship platform inventory is meant to be easily available to resellers without the need for a minimum order quantity (MOQ). As the number of SKUs and service offerings in the marketplace continue to grow, we will never give up our commitment to offer a variety of sourcing at competitive prices.


GigaCloud Logistics, a fulfillment branch of GigaCloud Technology, operates throughout the continental United States and has 14 warehouses totaling approximately 4 million square feet. Our warehouses are designed with large items and offer excellent fulfillment services at an affordable price. GigaCloud resellers can take advantage of a nationwide flat-rate fulfillment price with AI-supported load-balancing inventory when customers buy products. Resellers can easily calculate margins for all marketplace products they sell, whether their end customers are in Denver, Detroit, or in the immediate vicinity. As a result, users can easily reduce storage and fulfillment overhead costs and return to what they love most about running their business.

Technical resources

Small online and offline retailers need to keep up with the ever-changing market demands.Our team is aware of these challenges and our team

Technical resources for them. For example, AI-collected seller, warehouse, and product data provide resellers with the information they need to make the best decisions for their business. The increase in services offered by Wondersign and the newly created Shopify app “Giga“We are reinventing the big and bulky B2B.

GigaCloud’s ever-expanding catalog of products and services makes sourcing and fulfillment easier than ever. Contact an HFA member specialist to learn more about what you can do with GigaCloud.