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Giants curtain call for Squon Barkley and Daniel Jones? Size up past top 10 picks under Brian Daboll

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It may be a cliché for many players to say that the NFL stands for “Not For Long” rather than the National Football League, but the New York Giants have made sure that the term is worth it. Prove it. Training in 2019 Let’s take a look back at his camp. RB Sakwon Barkley had just lived up to the hype in a historic rookie season when he was selected No. 2 overall in the 2018 draft. He led the NFL with his 2,028 yards of scrimmage, and Hall has the third-most yards of scrimmage in his NFL history behind famers Eric Dickerson (2,212) and Egeryn James (in 1999 he had 2,139). , offensively he won Rookie of the Year.At quarterback, the G-Men thought they had their kid Eli Manning clone Duke Daniel Jones was selected 6th overall in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Now, Barkley and Jones are at a crossroads in their careers, each eyeing the final year of their rookie deals in 2022, as well as a new head coach in former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daball and a former Buffalo Bills assistant general. Playing under the General Manager of Manager Joe. Shane won’t need to hire a starting backfield after this season to keep the job as the two were drafted by the previous administration.

Both players’ hopes are that this upcoming season will never be as overall ugly as the Giants in 2021. (missed 6 games due to neck injury), Barkley (3 games, ankle injury/COVID protocol), and Kenny, the highest-paid free agent wide receiver of the 2021 offseason, Golladay ( 3 games, knee injury), center Nick Gates (15 games, broken leg), guard Shane Lemieux (16 games, knee injury), tackle Andrew Thomas (4 games, ankle/foot).

Production understandably suffered at a stretch as the offense collapsed as the Giants failed to win the last six games without Jones. They finished as one of the worst two-scoring units in the league, and the exclamation point of the season came in the final game at home against Washington, where they were third and ninth within their own 5-yard line among quarterbacks. I ran a sneak.

Giants’ 2021 Season: Winter Anguish







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*Daniel Jones missed all six games (neck injury)

Giants 2021 Offense: Bottom of the Barrel



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Enter Daboll, the designer of the NFL’s second-highest offensive scoring (29.8 PPG) over the past two seasons. He led his Bills to consecutive playoff wins for the first time since his four consecutive Super Bowl appearances in the 1990s. The key to Buffalo’s comeback was Dabor figured out how to get the most out of Josh Allen, the Bills’ 6-foot-5, 237-pound quarterback.

By utilizing more empty formations (5 receivers, backfield quarterbacks only), pre-snap motions, play actions, and mesh concepts/intersecting routes, Dabor simplifies Allen’s game, allowing him to play both as a runner and as a It helped me make faster decisions as an athlete. Passerby. Under Dabor’s guidance, Allen became the only player in NFL history to record 100-plus passing touchdowns (103) and 30-plus rushing touchdowns (31) in his first four seasons.

Josh Allen’s Career Advancement




pass yard/game






Rating of passers-by



* NFL Top 10

Between Dabor and new offensive coordinator Mike Kafka, who was Patrick Mahomes’ quarterback coach for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2018-21, Jones has a chance to work with the Giants’ new offensive brain trust. I’m looking forward to

“Both brought a lot of ideas, new ideas from different systems, a lot of successful systems, a lot of successful quarterbacks,” Jones said in May. “All the ideas here, the new thoughts here, the new concepts, the new plays, all of them (I think help him improve.) I just try to listen to some’ positions, play offense, look for opportunities to play when they’re not there, and guard the ball.

“I think we’re just learning from their experience and what they’ve been around and the success they’ve had.”

Jones has a similar physical composition to Allen (6-5, 230 lbs) and slightly better efficiency numbers (completion percentage and passing yards per game) than Allen had in his first three seasons. I have.

Comparing Daniel Jones and Josh Allen’s first three seasons

Composition rate



pass yard/game






Rating of passers-by



However, the day after he was officially hired as Jones’ head coach in January, Dabor made it clear that he did not intend to compare the new quarterback to previous quarterbacks.

“We’re going to do that day by day,” Dabor said on January 31. I think it’s fair to compare him to another guy I worked with. He’s the best version of himself and the elements that help him become the best quarterback for us. ”

For Jones to be the best version of himself, the Giants will need to approach the high bar Barkley has set in its first two seasons in terms of production and health. He is the only player in team history to record his 1,000-plus rushing yards in each of the first two seasons (2018-2019), but due to tearing his ACL in Week 2 of the 2020 season, Barkley missed his last 14 games. Still shaking off the effects of last season’s injuries, he has averaged 3.46 rushing yards per carry over the past two years, the lowest of any player with 150 or more carries in the NFL. Nonetheless, Barkley’s 14 career 50-plus yard plays are the most in the NFL since he entered the league in 2018, three more than Tennessee Titans’ Derrick Henry’s 11 runbacks. increase.

Saquon Barkley Career Stats: Running Downhill

games played



Scrimmage yard/game



scrimmage yards/touches



Scrimmage TD

twenty three


Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley*

games played



pass yard/game






Rating of passers-by



*Since Jones’ rookie season in 2019

“The last two years didn’t go my way,” Barkley said at Giants training camp on July 29. “I’ve been reflecting on that.” God has bigger plans for the last two years and everything will be fine. As in, “This year, I just want to show the Giants that the players they drafted are still here. I can still get out there and play and help the team succeed. Just focus, take care, take care of yourself, take care of your body, take care of your mind and try to be the best teammate you can be.”

Getting Barkley on track is Davor’s top priority as he integrates the Giants into his offensive system.

“You see him [Saquon Barkley] running around here. He’s a pretty accomplished player,” Dabor said at training camp on July 29. [at Penn State]When you’re developing on a system, figure out what these guys do best and challenge them to do more. If it doesn’t look good, you’ll know if you want to keep pursuing it. And if you want to keep pursuing it, you have to make them better. ”

One thing Jones has been working to ditch since entering the league in 2019 is Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff, 52, followed by Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan (52). 49) for the third highest number of turnovers in the NFL. ), and recently acquired Carolina Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield, 51. To get his distance, he began trying shorter, faster throws, which resulted in Jones being sacked last season at a career-lowest rate.

Daniel Jones Career Stats

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intelligence percentage




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To lift the ceiling for both Jones and Barkley in 2022, Shane and Dabor got three new starters to plug into the offensive line next to left tackle Thomas and left guard Lemieux. (from Alabama in the 2022 NFL Draft), center John Feliciano (started for the Bills the last three seasons) and guard Mark Growinski (started for the Colts the last four seasons).

“He [Jones] Daboll talks about his new quarterback. Daniel has a lot to like. we will work with him We help him get better. We help him become a better leader. We help him become everything. That’s what we do as a coaching staff and as an organization. It takes everyone. It’s not just me. The rest of the staff are coaches. it’s a scout. Support staff. Owning group. It takes a lot of time to develop a quarterback, if you will. He’s been here for the last three years in several different parts. We’re going to give him some stability and try to take it back from there.”

The stability will be welcomed by everyone involved with the Giants, who are now their fifth head coach in six seasons and have been in a five-year playoff drought since 2017 with a 22-59 record. Yes, the New York Jets. Given that the Giants need to surpass his two preseason playoff teams in their own divisions, the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, making the playoffs is likely to be a daunting task. will be But understanding whether Barkley and Jones can have a long-term future together with Davor could be the next big step in rebuilding the team’s once proud franchise. It’s helpful.