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"Getting a good education is the only medicine".

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The questions for neuropsychologists are: “For example, what are our capacities related to states of anxiety and uncertainty in the face of so much change? How has our education prepared us?”, a health and education professional from Chibilicoy, a city in the province of Buenos Aires. Andreoli is looking to bring his project to national competitions and is currently working closely with a former soccer player. Gabriel Batistuta What does this mean for the educational changes he is already implementing in his hometown of Chivliköye?

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In this sense, Andreoli explains: Perhaps our explorations have educated us on the idea that this is the world to come. ‘ Instead, say, ‘I’m small, so what do I have to offer the world? It’s a shift in perspective and conversation that’s also relevant for boys.”

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“Unfortunately, suicide is the number one killer of children in the world. Andreoli wondered what to do about fear, how to deal with anxiety, how to deal with difficult situations, and so on. emotional education can even affect a country’s GDP and economy. is,” he said.

Neuropsychologists then persevere in rethinking how much time they spend creating new programs that exist in the world, saying, “The question is, why not just copy and implement them. Our teacher. Let us help them because they are left very alone in all this work they are going through,” he assured. refers to the fact that long-term solutions can only come from education, and this is where Congress comes into play. is,” he said. And the best educational program for Latin America: “Why isn’t it done in Argentina? The trains are running. We have to decide whether to take the train or not.”

Luisa Andreoli: ‘We Need Better Emotional Education’ | Infocello Interview

Former player Gabriel Batistuta supports Andreoli’s project, experts say he wants to tour different states, something different is possible, boys and society understand, and many people It shows that you are interested. Keep up this wonderful hum, we are heading towards change. How can we provide service, let’s make it bigger.”stress

Experts have compared it with the old one, referring to the new education that seeks to highlight the qualities, talents, versatility and neural diversity of boys. On the contrary, we were generally so full of fear that we started comparing ourselves and they wanted us all to be the same as if they were ice buckets. ’” He explained and elaborated on his own work. Because we are unaware that what we have is there. ”

Regarding reform, he said, “We have experts in education, so let’s make use of them. Local governments and politicians are asking us to come up with a clear plan, just like neighboring countries.” In action: The Ministry of Education is working in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Diversity, the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and the Ministry of Culture, all working together on a clear plan. This is what we have to do. Just as we demand this, politicians adapt their speeches to the level of society’s conscience, so they need to be heard. Let’s raise the morale of society. Suggest a solution. ”