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Get new comics from Dynamite Entertainment Disney's Gargoyle

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At dawn, one of Disney’s darkest anime series, Gargoyle, Awakening is approaching rapidly. According to the CB, in the excitement of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the news was confirmed that Dynamite Entertainment has licensed the series to restart as a brand new comic.Comic publishers partner Gargoyle‘Creator and co-producer Greg Wiseman To awaken these ancient guardians from the sleep of stones.

The Dynamite Entertainment license provides graphic novels and regular cartoon rights that allow publishers to work with Wiseman in creating a rich new continuation of the 1994 anime series. The series was originally aired on Disney Afternoon and ABC, with format updates for the first two seasons and brand names changed as follows: Gargoyle: Goliath Chronicle Third season. A few years later, in 2006, when Weisman wrote Slave Labor Graphics’ 18th comic run, the franchise restarted further.

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He said earlier he didn’t consider Goliath Chronicle‘Third season canon Gargoyle Space, Wiseman has been manga since the end of Season 2.Even before that, Marvel while the original series was still on the air I wrote my own 11th run that references the first season. Still, Wiseman did not consider these norms. It raises the question: Where are dynamite entertainment cartoons featured?

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No specific details have been given regarding the release date or storyline, but Dynamite’s license agreement includes “facsimile reprints” that allow you to reprint the elusive Marvel line. Whichever direction they decide to go, the intent is to introduce the Stone Guardian to a larger audience and treat the show’s loyal fans. After becoming one of the most popular series of streaming services Disney +, the brand realized the potential of the show and brought the franchise back to life. The voice of Goliath, one of the show’s stars, Gargoyle’s stubborn leader, Keith David Said:

“As you know, our people who were involved from the beginning always wondered why they stopped it in the first place. [We’ve wondered] The reason for not returning to the reboot. … that is, I don’t like anything other than revisiting Goliath … you know, he’s definitely one of my very, very, very, very favorite characters did. He always wanted to be like Goliath when he grew up. “

Coming from David, this is not a small praise.Actors and voice actors boast an impressive list of Childs achievements John carpenterof caseDisney Princess and the Frog, Armageddon1988s They are aliveTo Rick and Morty more.

Gargoyle It is a darker series that can be compared to Batman: Animated series It’s the story of a family of ancient guardians of a Scottish castle. Faithful to the humans who protect them as well when they turn into stones at dawn, their guardians have been cursed and frozen by stones for a thousand years. In 1994, wealthy CEO David Xanatos (Jonathan Frakes) After bringing the gargoyle to the skyscrapers in Manhattan, wake up the gargoyle. Once again, Gargoyles are being driven to protect humans and their way of life while adapting to modern life in New York City, but with humans while being threatened by those trying to harm them. Notice the conflict.

There is no specific date for Dynamite Entertainment comics, but it is said to be released in the fourth quarter of 2022. Gargoyle’s original anime series can be streamed on Disney +. Watch the video below to learn more about the show.