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Gehrig culture celebrated at the brass festival

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Some of Scotland’s Top Traditional Musicians Kim Kearney, Gary Inns & Yuen Henderson, Hekra, Staran, Norrie Mashiver, Megan Henderson, Mary Ann Kennedy, Paul McKenna, Julie Fowlis, When cyanWill appear on stage at venues from Stonoway to Baratulish in September this year. The Brass Festival celebrates Gaelic music and culture every year, and this year celebrates the year 2022 of the Scottish story.

The Brass Festival, which runs from September 2nd to 10th, will showcase Gaelic culture and the thriving Scottish traditional music scene for nine days at the Highland Islands and islands, with 40 concerts and Cary this year. Hold education and community programs. Online services including workshops and live streaming concerts.

This year, Blas, which means “taste” or “sample” and was organized by Fèiseannan Gàidheal in collaboration with the Highland Council, has a community across the Highland, including venues for Achmore, Achiltibuie, Raasay, Farr, Dornoch and Boatof. To visit Garten, Glenelg, Oban and many more.

It starts with a brand new music committee, Summer walker, Tein musician Chloe Bryce This highlights the central role played by Gaelic-speaking travelers in preserving and communicating Highland traditions, celebrating Birthday Essie Stewart.. Born and raised in Sutherland, a Gaelic-speaking community, Essie Stewart loved listening to his grandfather, Alidh Dall (Alec Stewart), a well-known Gaelic narrator. Essie is a well-known narrator who is the bearer of the last epic story of ancient times in Scotland, and she will be a special guest at the premiere of the Chloë committee. Margaret Bennett, Duncan McGillivray And brothers Duncan & Rona MacLeod..On other nights, the concert begins with a set from Gary Inns & Ewen Henderson..

On the last night of the festival, there will be an additional 80th birthday celebration for Gaelic singer and tradition bearer Mary Smith. Mary stylishly celebrates her big birthday on the Isle of Lewis Stornoway. Julie Fowlis, Maygred & Trina ni Domnail, Joe Macdonald, Emma Macdonald, Julie Matthews, Paddleig Morrison, Catriona McDonald When Alan McDonald.

Old and new music will be featured in several concerts featuring music from a new collection of old music and a new collection of Gaelic songs. Songs and songs from Highland Music’s earliest manuscript collection will be performed twice during the festival. Famous Piper, Dr. Angus McDonaldIs working on a publication featuring materials collected by Elizabeth (Eliza) Jane Ross, the niece of James McCloud, the former landlord of Raasay. cyan When Ronan Martin..

Ronan Martin, Angus MacKenzie, Ross Martin When James Graham Play recently released music and songs Coigach and Assynt collectionThe first collection of songs, songs and stories from the area on the opening night (2)nd September) At Rockin Bar.Also, celebrating that area of ​​the Highlands will be a new committee run by Mary Ankennedy, Finlay Wells, Nick Turner And extended ensemble Talamh Beò (Living land). The inside story of a Gaelic song featuring food and drink is Rachel Walker When Gilbride McMillan..

There is a showcase of new Gaelic songs by Sky-based songwriter and musician Calum Munro. Tomhas is a collection of Gaelic songs exploring love, loss and mental health, performed by Norrie MacIver (Skipinish) and Kim Carnie (Manlan, Staran) in excellent bands under the music director of Brian McAlpine. ..Participating in them will be a highly acclaimed Highland Duo Ian McFarlane & Ingrid Henderson.

Collaboration with Fèis RoisBlas features talented young musicians from Fèis Cèilidh Trails across Scotland. AVANC, Wales National Youth Folk Ensemble. Featuring the best young indexes of tradition in both countries, Fèis Rois, Fèis Lochabair, Fèis Phàislig, Fèis Fhoirt When Fèis Latharna On the final night of the festival, we will perform with AVANC at WASPS in Inverness.

Other highlights of this year’s Blas include multi-instrumentalists Megan Henderson Resolis and Staffin; Norrie Mashiver When FRAS With thurso and fur; Bruce McGregor and his friends At Ballachulish and Lochcarron; Trio, HECLALewis Piper James Duncan McKenzie; Singer-songwriter Paul McKenna At the Eden Court Theater in Inverness. Sing Me A Story is a committee of the Scottish Story Year, celebrating the story traditions of the Highlands and Islands and the music that accompanies them. Allan Henderson, Margaret Stewart, Ewen Henderson, Sìleas Sinclair, Ewan Robertson..

Arthur Cormack of Fèiseannan Gàidheal, organizer of the brass festivalComment: “This year, for the first time since 2019, we were able to return to the traditional September dates of the Brass Festival. This program is packed with traditional music from the Highlands and the islands. Old Gale Both the language and the new Gaelic songs will be performed by some of the top Scottish musicians, with the Highland Council, a long-term collaborator who has continued to support the festival, and additional funding. Thanks to Creative Scotland, Bòrdna Gài dhlig and Year of Stories 2022 Community Stories Fund for their help. We look forward to a wonderful 9-day celebration of Highland culture. Bringing events to the community throughout the region and long-awaited musicians. I will provide you with a gig. “

A complete program of events can be found at With details on how to buy a ticket.