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From Resilience to Digital Patience: How Organizations Use Digital Technology to Turn the Corner in an Unprecedented Era

Metaverse city concept
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The annual partner meeting, Microsoft Inspire, has ended. Conversations with Microsoft’s partner community are similar to recent conversations with leaders in both established organizations and early-stage companies. Industry-wide leaders overcome global market uncertainties, especially as they strengthen security regimes, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, increase supply chain visibility, and promote more comprehensive prosperity for communities. We share our commitment to innovation as the only way. The place where they work.

I consider this shared commitment to be part of what I call digital patience. The ability to thrive despite the risks when an organization leverages and leverages digital technology to reach business goals and do more at less cost. This is an example of an organization that is adopting digital capabilities to work with Microsoft.

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last week, Oracle Microsoft has announced the availability of Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure. Earlier this month Miburo Boosting threat intelligence research on new foreign cyber threats, Netflix Microsoft announced as a technology and sales partner for new consumer subscription plans. P & G Has selected Microsoft as its preferred cloud provider for scalable predictive maintenance, controlled release, touchless operation, and optimization of manufacturing sustainability from diapers to paper towels. American Airlines Choosing Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud platform, applying AI, machine learning, and data analytics to reduce runway latency, save thousands of gallons of jet fuel annually, and connect customers to: Giving extra time to make a flight.

American Airlines plane
American Airlines is heading to the cloud to better connect and personalize its travel experience.

The Industrial Metaverse has the potential to simultaneously improve supply chain resilience, business efficiency and sustainability. When an organization manufactures or moves goods, it leaves behind carbon dioxide emissions. The Industrial Metaverse allows you to simulate endless manufacturing processes and supply chain scenarios in the cloud before manufacturing or moving products. The result is reduced waste, water consumption and carbon emissions, resulting in better products that are more efficient and sustainable.

Manufacturers set new quality standards in digital twins and mixed reality
Based in Belgium AB InBevThe world’s largest brewery uses Azure Digital Twins to create digital models of breweries and supply chains, brewing masters produce the highest quality beer, and front-line operators provide quality and traceability data. Allows remote monitoring. Bosch Uses an integrated asset performance management (IAPM) solution powered by Azure digital twins. This can indicate when rotating machines such as turbines and electric motors need maintenance to operate at optimal cost and maximum efficiency. Kawasaki Heavy IndustriesA world leader in industrial robots, we are building a digital environment for robotics. It enables industrial metaverse and remote collaboration of robots using Microsoft technologies such as Azure IoT and Azure Digital Twins. Hyundai Motor Group Has established a battery asset management platform for electric vehicles using Azure Digital Twins to increase the efficiency of battery management.Based in Denmark Novo NordiskA leader in the global production of diabetes drugs, technologies such as HoloLens2 and Dynamics365 are used to maintain the highest quality standards and make the production process more efficient while complying with regulatory requirements and regulations. increase.

An example of human-machine collaboration
Bosch uses digital twins to take human-machine collaboration to the next level.

AI and supercomputing technology unleash mobility innovations throughout the value chain
Croatian car company Rimac technology Combines its high-performance engineering with Azure high-performance computing to build powerful electric vehicles through virtual prototyping.Car supplier ThyssenKrupp Automotive Technology Uses Dynamics 365 to standardize complex customer relationship management and reduce time to quote by 75%.UK based Wave Is expanding the development of AI-based models for self-driving cars using Azure supercomputing technology.Based in Germany Volocopter Is working with Microsoft to develop an aerospace cloud system on Azure to meet urban air mobility and autonomous aviation cloud computing requirements. With Azure OpenAI Service Carmax We are imagining new ways to bring completeness, reliability and transparency to the used car industry and to make the process of buying a used car effortless. In HoloLens 2 Volkswagen Microsoft is moving augmented reality glasses to provide passengers with a new entertainment experience.

Factory production
thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology uses Dynamics 365 to standardize CRM solutions.

Sustainability is a differentiator for today’s industry as a whole for a better future
Norway-based energy company Equinor Has set up the Microsoft Power Platform Center for Enablement to foster greater innovation through low-code development to help businesses reach their sustainability goals as they move to renewable energy.Czech Republic energy supply company Innocy Uses Microsoft Power Apps to create detailed proposals for custom home PV systems 25% faster. Grupo BimboProducer of baked goods and snack foods based in Mexico, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability has deployed Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability in all global businesses to collect, track and analyze strategic indicators of sustainability strategies. We are working on zero waste and zero carbon emissions.French start-up Metroscope Is working with Azure Kubernetes Service and Microsoft Security Services to develop digital twin solutions for energy production plants. This could improve monitoring and efficiency and reduce carbon emissions by 900,000 tonnes per year. With Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability Las Vegas RaidersThe US National Football League team can monitor energy, water and waste indicators and usage and track HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) electricity usage. For example, its Sustainability Metrics dashboard helps analyze weather data and regulate temperature within the stadium.

Customization of PV system
Energy Leader Energy promotes sustainability by using Power Apps to simplify customization of PV systems.

Cyber ​​security solutions enhance hybrid work and drive customer trust
The Food Standards Agency Oversees food safety in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Wales and uses Microsoft Purview to keep the UK food supply secure. The Marion City Australia uses Purview to provide safe government services to its inhabitants. Adobe Provides Acrobat users with the ability to apply Purview Information Protection labels and policies to the most important documents.Global test provider Pearson VUE Improve data security with Microsoft Sentinel throughout multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. The Massachusetts Shapes the future of state employee work eight years ahead of schedule, enabling 40,000 employees to work safely from anywhere with the help of Defender for Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Surface tablets. .. With Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Sentinel iHeartMedia Offers a more streamlined user experience and lower licensing costs in the world of non-negotiable audio media. Tower In New Zealand, Microsoft Endpoint Manager is used to enhance the remote work experience for employees.Attack simulation training at Microsoft Defender for Office 365, a Malaysia-based telecommunications company Celcom We reduced the time spent creating attack simulations by 70% and raised employee awareness of cyber threats and phishing attempts.

Rescuers are using Adobe
Adobe uses Microsoft security tools to ensure a digital first experience.

Access to digital technology connects communities and helps people in need
UK-based non-profit organization Bernard’s Every year, we connect hundreds of thousands of families and children in need to valuable social services and deploy Microsoft Cloud services and Microsoft Surface devices to increase employee efficiency.Part of the United Nations based in Switzerland International Organization for Migration Focuses on its humanitarian mission to support end-to-end migrant journeys by migrating to Microsoft Cloud, with practical solutions to migrant problems due to social, cultural, environmental and economic causes each year. We support 30 million people. The Residential city development company Sao Paulo, Brazil, works with Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and Microsoft 365 to identify community needs and create housing projects through a centralized customer relationship management system.Based in Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic Worked with Microsoft to open an Applied AI Center to develop AI talent for the workforce of the future and provide SMEs with the tools and expertise they need to embark on their digital journey. I am.Thanks to the broadband access provided through the Airband Initiative and local broadcast partners TelecaribeFor the first time, 650 children from eight schools around Ovejas, Colombia, were able to experience an internet connection.

Girls and social welfare employees
Barnardo’s, a non-profit social services organization, is enhancing community support through Microsoft technology.

Because digital patience is essential, companies continue to deliver significant business value and results, despite significant challenges in recent years. We continue to be incredibly inspired by what they have achieved and how they are arranged to navigate the landscape ahead. In addition, we promise to serve as the digital technology partner of their choice on that journey.

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