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For once, Alex Jones is silent

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the only way To silence Alex Jones is to put him in court, at least for a second. Over the past few days, the Infowars founder and conspiracy theorist has been in and out of Travis County courthouses as one of his numerous defamation cases continues. In the trial, Jones and his company filed a case against Sandy, his two parents from Newtown, Connecticut, whose 6-year-old son Jesse was killed in the 2012 shooting at his Hook Elementary School. The amount Neil has to pay his Heslin and Scarlett Lewis is determined. In the years following that horrific massacre, Jones used his platform to spread lies that the shooting was a “false flag” operation and that the grieving family was playing the role of an actor in an elaborate government conspiracy. rice field. “Jessie was the real deal,” Lewis said of her late son. “I am a real mom.”

The last two days of the Jones trial have been heartbreaking and shocking. Today, plaintiffs’ attorneys have said in dramatic fashion that Jones’ attorneys mistakenly sent years’ worth of data from Jones’ personal cell phone, including emails and text messages, to opposing attorneys. Clarified. Jones’ attorneys did not give special treatment to the call, which revealed that the second most prominent conspiracy theorist in the nation appeared to have perjured himself when testifying under oath. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Jones blushed and almost cried. “This is your Perry Mason moment,” he sneered.

Jones is right that this was indeed a Perry Mason-level drama. seems high (one message from an informant revealed that Infowars was making as much as $800,000 a day in 2018 from an online store). The contents of the call may be turned over to law enforcement, and the material may be relevant to other pending investigations. But Jones’ unfettered access to internal communications is a very latent responsibility for him, as is revealing what happened to Jones yesterday afternoon.

A day before the made-for-TV release, Lewis detailed Jones’ distressing lie about the death of her child, which was brought to her, her family, and the other parents of the Sandy Hook children. “You have been a negative influence every day of my life,” she said. She also tells Jones that his rampant lies and fear-mongering practices poison American politics and the hundreds of thousands of viewers and listeners who consume Infowars content. He urged us to address the ways in which we are distorting reality.

As Jones’ testimony began, he quickly feigned ignorance of legal matters and spewed out an unguarded version of his usual on-air monologue. I found a moment to advertise the quality of the (made in Japan suggesting it’s superior). (Jones’ company, Free Speech Systems, filed for bankruptcy last Friday. The move is speculated to be intended to delay facing imminent legal consequences. attorneys claimed this was a lie because Jones had only declared bankruptcy and had yet to prove it.) During a routine questioning, Jones told his attorney: rice field. you have to see it Jones’ attorney replied, “Let’s slow it down a bit.”

Jones was accustomed to endless mic manipulation, and from the stands it looked like he was back in the studio ready to spout his four-hour broadcast rant. But the witness stand is a powerful tool for exposing who Jones really is. Yesterday morning he got into a white GMC Yukon and began blaming Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, calling the lawsuit a “show trial” and saying that “the whole concept of trial by jury is being destroyed here.” claimed.

He said in his testimony that he was a curator of information, not a journalist. This, of course, is his 180-degree turn with Jones’ high-quality sourcing and research, and the on-air fuss about his Infowars constant marketing of being at the forefront of the battle for the truth. The same could be said for Owen Shroyer, who is one of his Jones’ agents at Infowars, who ran for trial last week. The normally cocky and confrontational Mr. Schroyer blushed and looked uneasy when he was forced to admit that he had done no research into the sources at all. ‘Could have done better,’ says Shroyer murmured When plaintiffs’ attorney Kyle Farrar asked him about certain false allegations he aired. a It’s work,” Farrar retorted. “You could have done something.”

T.throughout the trial, Jones was most exposed when the jury left the room and was forced to confront the authority of the gambling judge. Gamble has frequently warned Jones that parents and principals should scold misbehaving elementary school students. At some point yesterday, Gamble interrupted Jones’ attorney and asked him to “spit out the gum.” Jones quickly got to his feet and told the judge that he was massaging the cavities of his recently extracted teeth. “Would you like me to show you?” he asked, bending down and pulling his mouth open. “I don’t want to see inside your mouth,” Gamble replied. But Jones continued to shove his finger into his mouth in front of the judge: “No gum. Hall,” he muttered before being warned again from gambling to sit down.

Near the end of the day, Gamble ripped Jones apart for “abusing my tolerance and sidelining the jury,” shortly after Jones swore and contested his bankruptcy. Every time Jones tried to speak, Gamble interrupted him. “Remember, this is not a fair world,” she said, referring to her court. you can’t disturb me When Jones suggested that he and his Infowars had complied with the lawsuit’s discovery requests, Gamble silenced him.

“When you testify, you must tell the truth. Only exact questions should be answered,” she said, showing visible frustration. “Do you understand what I said?”

“Yes, I think what I said is true,” Jones countered.

“You believe everything you say is true, but it isn’t. Your beliefs don’t make anything true,” she said. “That’s what we’re doing here. Claiming something to be true doesn’t mean it’s true. It doesn’t protect you. It’s not allowed.” No. You’re taking an oath, which means things have to be true when you say them.Don’t speak.”

For those of us who have watched Jones lie for years, the gambling rebuke was so cathartic, almost poetic. Jones’ entire discourse tactic is to load any topic of discussion or conversation with so much noise that speech becomes almost impossible for others. Endless ramblings on endless topics such as vaccines, 9/11 conspiracy theories, stolen election theories, etc., randomly citing dubious studies and drawing false or tenuous connections between different events. I will talk In public, he drowns out everyone else in the street with the sound of his infamous loudspeaker. As one of his former employees, his Joshua Owens, told me in 2019, Joshua’s goal is to “cover every topic so that no one can grab anything.” To flood it with confusion and suspicion.”

This is why it would be a foolish errand to attempt to interview Jones seriously. As soon as he is cornered, he starts screaming even louder. He creates a spectacle that is hard to take his eyes off. Jones’ rants, even lewd, can provide perverse entertainment for his assholes, even if it’s just dunking at him. Even among those who consider Alex Jones dangerous and despicable, there is a desire to understand him and his true beliefs. I tried to answer the same question that is being asked. Does he really believe what he says?

As Jones becomes a key figure in the national nervous breakdown and far-right assault on the democratic process, more and more people seem to try to understand him. Alex’s Wara controversial new documentary by Alex Lee Moyer, attempts to understand Jones and offers a no-commentary, verite-style look at Jones’ life through January 6, 2021. don’t look back, as an influence. The film features a huge amount of footage from Jones’ past and recent broadcasts. flood the zone with shit Jones and Infowars deploy to obscure the truth and avoid responsibility for myriad mistakes. Other than behind-the-scenes footage from Jones’ office and the Washington, D.C. march before and during January 6th, there’s very little new and interesting. Alex’s war what we see all the time. What he is in charge of the story.

But this week, Momentarily trapped in court, Jones was temporarily incapacitated. Nothing distracted the people in the courtroom, and the rest of us watching together on the livestream got to see Jones in an unusual light. There was no verbal gymnastics, but today’s reveal went a step further. I couldn’t get out of my lies under the threat of For the first time in recent memory, he looked really uncomfortable.

It remains to be seen if Jones will face the true career-altering consequences of Sandy Hook’s lies. But whatever the damage, the process offered a glimpse of the truth. The best way to understand Alex Jones is to put him inside the legal system, even if he chooses to lie under oath. He repeatedly scolded the conspiracy theorist for his sullen behavior, reminding him of the grave nature of the . Shortly after her statement, he confronted Sandy Hook’s parent across the courtroom aisle. It was (it wasn’t). Grotesque behavior, but useful in legal situations. Jones has spent his entire life believing the rules didn’t apply to him. For decades he’s been building fantasy worlds where it’s true.It’s only in court that the gravity of real-world consequences seems to apply. It’s the only place he can’t hide.