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Football: Bellevue East embraces 'Row the Boat' culture shift | Bellevue

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After years of failure, Bellevue East Football hopes to change the culture this year with the mantra coined by PJ Fleck: Row the Boat.

First-year head coach Aaron Tuman sees potential in their schedule and believes the Chieftains can achieve “great things” this year.

Since Tumann took over, the main focus has been on changing the culture and how other schools view Bellevue East as a “victory given.”

“[Opponents]look at their schedules, look at us, and think, ‘That’s our automatic win,'” said Tumann. “We’re not talking about it in a negative way. That’s what people think of the East right now,” he said. I have to.”

Chuman said change begins with the Chieftains themselves, the work they do, the focus they have, and “changing our best days.”

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“If we take care of all these details and continue to grow each day, we will have the opportunity to bring people’s eyes to the new Bellevue East,” he said.

One of the Chieftains’ goals is to pick up more wins after finishing 2-7 last year, which Tumann believes “can and will.”

“Now we are growing day by day, paying attention to every detail and focusing on taking advantage of every opportunity that is in front of us.” We know that we need to continue to develop and grow that mindset, and we know that if we put them into practice, we can do some extraordinary things!”

Some players will be at the forefront of achieving these special things.

At quarterback, sophomore Mikey Gow, who made headlines for his ambidextrous pitching, is back after going 48-113 for 572 yards, 4 TDs, and 9 INTs (stats in 6 of 9 games). .

The Chieftains lost last year’s main rusher, Gavin Zurcher, but Tuman cited veteran Branson Grieve (who plays as linebacker and defensive back) and Adin Carrera (also defensive back) as prominent running backs.

For Gau, senior wide receivers Mark Anderson (DB) and Chase Zimmer (DB) and juniors Ty Harris (DB) and Mason Chandler (also tight end and linebacker) are his main targets. Senior Tight His end Marshall Chandler (also LB and defensive end) is another of his targets for Gow, playing on the offensive line alongside Senior Ethan Roberts (also defensive lineman) and Junior Ricky Foster (DL). To do.

On defense, the Chandler brothers are the returning leaders on the team in tackles, and most of the players listed on offense also play on defense.

The Chieftains are allowing 42 points per game and need to improve to meet their team’s goals.

The cultural shift that Tumann seeks to establish once again comes to the forefront by using the mantra “Row the Boat” made famous by current University of Minnesota football head coach PJ Fleck.

“When he was still the head coach of West Michigan, I had the opportunity to hear him speak at a coaching clinic.

In the Row the Boat way of thinking, the oar represents life-giving energy, the boat represents sacrifice, and the compass represents direction and ultimate goal.

Touman added that he and his coaching staff bring to the program a belief that the best is yet to come, and that there are positives that can come from every situation.

“We believe that if we continue to strive to do our best every day and continue to grow, we will have the opportunity to succeed. It stands for I Love You. ”

Tuman said this means putting each other first and being willing to make sacrifices for each other.

“We are constantly talking about response,” says Tumann. “Football and life always have adversity. You can’t always control what happens, but you can always control how you react to it and we’re always talking about reacting in a positive way.”

Even after dropping a pass or removing a tackle, players need to get back up and make another play, Tuman added.

“In practice, in games, and in life, you have to keep your oars in the water and keep rowing!”

Touman said the team will need to stay focused throughout the season.

“Yes, we’re going to scout our opponents thoroughly and prepare for them all, but we need to focus on growing and improving every day. Every day is a chance to change our best!”

As a program that has had less success in the past, Chuman said the Chieftain’s mindset “shouldn’t have to be that way anymore.”

“Those seasons are a thing of the past and it’s important to learn and grow from them, but it doesn’t have to be who we are anymore. The future is in our hands and the next It’s our choice,” he said.

The Bellevue East season begins August 26th, hosting the Lincoln Northeast. The remaining games are Norfolk (September 2), home to Omaha Bryan (September 9), Omaha North (September 16), home to Gretna (September 23) and Omaha Benson (September). 30th). Bellevue West (October 7), at home to Papio South (October 13) and Omaha South (October 21).