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Fentanyl overdose event in Gadsden attracts state-wide attention

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The fentanyl overdose event in Gazden County on the weekend of July 4 raises concerns about rising drug trafficking and substance abuse costs in the state. Nineteen overdose the drug, nine of whom died. At the recent roundtable, the situation was very alarming and almost all state agencies drew attention to the county.

“I was worried that in a week I would wake up and kill 30, 40, 50 people to secure that number in such a short period of time. That’s a lot of people in Gadsden County. There are only 46,000 people in. ” Sheriff Morris Young of Gadsden added that the word fentanyl was “not part of my vocabulary” when he left the office last Friday.

It was after two women responded to the deceased house by 9:30 pm that night.

“The event that the Sheriff just described … it’s really calm and can shake the community at its core,” said Shebaun Harris, Florida Children’s and Family Affairs Secretary.

Harris joined Young, First Lady Casey DeSantis, Florida Law Enforcement Chief Mark Glass, and Surgeon General Joseph Dapo at a roundtable in Gadsden. A full call was made as fentanyl became one of the leading causes of death from drug overdose. This is not lost in First Lady de Santis.

“This product is manufactured in China and poured across borders. Looking at all fentanyl seized at the border in 2021, it was £ 11,201. It was all Americans in the United States. Enough to kill more than six times, “she said.

Fentanyl in the medical setting is used as an analgesic. It is 100 times stronger than morphine. However, what is sold on the street is often counterfeit, often mislabeled as a more common drug like Xanax, and some consider it a “safe” drug. .. An illegal version of fentanyl can be used to string other drugs such as marijuana or cocaine, and the person who bought it may not even know it is there. Young says he knows how the drug entered the county. They came from Mexico, were transported to Atlanta, and were distributed to North Florida and South Georgia.

“We have a pyramid, we know many players responsible for spreading this poison, and we are chasing them,” he said.

In another unrelated case, the federal government recently charged 26 people and seized 500,000 fake pills containing fentanyl, heroines, stimulants, and cocaine. According to the DEA, the drug trafficking operation was based in Mexico, with fake pills being shipped to the United States.

The fentanyl overdose event in Gadsden is not the only recent event. During this year’s Spring Holidays at Wilton Manners, four West Point cadets overdose after taking fentanyl.

New state legislation, which comes into force in October, raises penalties for drug dealers whose products can lead to overdose or death. It can even be a first-class murder charge.

“We are looking for an answer. We are not experts in this. These people who are responsible for addicting these people, we are chasing them,” Young said.

In recent years, the state has begun efforts to deliver drugs that reverse overdose to first responders and law enforcement agencies to save lives. First Lady De Santis says the state is also launching a new awareness campaign for people who may not know that their medicines can be addicting. According to a 2020 Florida Medical Examiners report, fentanyl was the most deadly drug.