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Evermart – Technology behind the latest unmanned retail solutions

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Zsolt Vaszary, with a vending background, and his team of Hungarian-based tech startup e-Ventor knew what they wanted to achieve. They embarked on a mission to create a solution that combines vending machine accountability with customer experience and the higher profitability of the micromarket. The result is an Evermart kit that can be incorporated into a cooler with an electronic lock, instantly becoming a state-of-the-art unmanned retail solution.

Missing the maximum potential

“About 10 years ago, the advent of the micromarket revolutionized the unmanned retail industry by providing customers with a better shopping experience and better product options,” Zsolt said. “In many semi-closed environments, self-checkout micromarkets are best, but maximize the potential of micromarkets because you can’t move to more open spaces such as airports, hospitals, hotels, and other major locations. Could not withdraw. Operator. ”

The problem has been resolved

According to Zsolt, the problem was solved with the introduction of access control coolers such as the PicoCooler Breeze with evermart. “By introducing real-time product awareness when end users receive products, in addition to door control, operators can access public places, and a single controlled access cooler is automatic. It’s a great alternative to vending machines, so we can offer micromarket cabinets that offer fresh food and better, higher-yielding products, even in smaller locations, “he added.

New level Pico Cooler

Evermart technology was first integrated with a minus 40 cooler, then the 365 Retail Markets infrastructure and the Pico platform to handle payments, inventory and telemetry. “PicoCooler Breeze takes a regular PicoCooler to a whole new level,” Zsolt said.

Evermart Solution

Zsolt pointed out some important elements of the evermart solution.

  • evermart is not based on individual load cell platforms. This technology tracks products one by one, along with their location on the shelves. As a result, it is possible to distinguish between adjacent cola cans and cola zero cans.
  • Evermart solutions are based on a combination of weighted shelves and visual perception and are used to identify customer behavior rather than shape or color.
  • In contrast to visual recognition solutions, there is no need to teach the system new products. Weight deviations from product to product (the same salad has more eggs and can be heavier) are tolerated by the system and weigh the products one by one.
  • evermart is the only weighted shelf solution that supports front and pusher mechanisms, allowing you to optimize product display.
  • This technology provides an “automatic planogram” feature, so adding a new product can take a few seconds.
  • evermart makes the most of the space in the cooler. Size and shape restrictions do not apply. The autoplanogram is also adjusted to fit the width of the product, so use dividers to use the entire space.
  • Within the screen, you can provide real-time feedback on what the system is aware of. The recognition accuracy is 99 +%, but the result is 100% because the customer has the opportunity to correct the product recognition discrepancy. This means that there is no call to customer support. “Our goal is to ensure that every customer’s purchase cycle ends with the right amount and customer satisfaction,” Zsolt said. “It’s only possible thanks to our internal display and barcode reader.”
  • Evermart is fully integrated with the 365 Retail Market back-end system, making it easy for users of the industry’s most popular infrastructure to introduce access control coolers.
  • evermart is fully integrated with the Minus Forty Cooler, and Zsolt said Minus Forty is the exclusive OEM partner in North America.

Banking Breeze Unit

“Breeze is the best place to replace banking units and vending machines,” said Ryan McWhirter, vice president of product management at 365 Retail Markets. “Some people, like a regular Pico Cooler, want to call and order 10 or 20 Breeze units at a time, not just one or two.”

“A regular Pico Cooler usually expands the micromarket and is itself a micromarket, entering the corners of busy office buildings or servicing ancillary people, but Breeze is a true vending machine. It has been adopted as a replacement and is the same size as a vending machine, “he added. “We did the installation at the university. I think it was 24. Last week I heard someone ordering 40 PicoCooler Breezes at a time.”

Great collaboration

According to McWhirter, the relationship between 365 and evermart was great. “We have had a very good working relationship in bringing this product to market,” he said. “We are proud to have achieved it with them.”

Zsolt said he was grateful to both 365 Retail Markets and Minus Forty. Both companies have contributed significantly to Evermart’s success story.

Look to Europe

“After learning a lot from launching a business in the United States, we help European customers access the micromarket experience and operators access the immense opportunities associated with access control coolers. “We do,” said Zsolt.

Focus on the needs of the operator

“Everything related to Evermart technology is designed to benefit operators and make the end-user experience faster and completely frictionless. Ultimately, it’s all at the operator’s cost. It shows a reduction and an increase in profits, “Zsolt explained.

For more information on e-Ventor’s evermart and technology solutions, please contact Zsolt Vaszary ( or (+36) 70 452 7435) and visit

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