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Entertainment History Today: MGM's Lion Roared First | Nationwide

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On July 31, 1928, Leo the Lion roared for the first time at the beginning of MGM’s first dialogue video, “White Shadows of the South Seas.”

In 1964, country star Jim Reeves was killed when the plane he was piloting crashed during a thunderstorm near Nashville, Tennessee. he was 40 years old. His pianist, Dean his Manuel, was also killed.

And in 1964, a Rolling Stones concert in Belfast was canceled after just 12 minutes due to fan riots.

In 1970, Chet Huntley said “Goodnight David” to David Brinkley for the last time. Huntley retired from NBC’s “Nightly News” after 15 years.

In 1971, James Taylor reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart with “You’ve Got A Friend.”

In 1987, a San Francisco judge ruled that singer Dave Prater and his new partner Sam Daniels could not call themselves Sam and Dave. The original Sam and Dave had a string of hits with Sam Moore, including “Soul Man” and “Hold On, I’m Coming.”

In 1990, Zsa Zsa Gabor was released from jail in El Segundo, California after serving a 72-hour sentence for slapping a Beverly Hills police officer.

In 1991, Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson was sentenced to six months’ probation for spatting on a customer at a 7-Eleven in Denver.

In 1996, Aerosmith fired longtime manager Tim Collins.

In 1998, actor Gary Coleman turned himself in to police for allegedly punching a female fan who asked for his autograph.

Today’s Birthday: Actor Don Murray is 93 years old. Jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell is 91 years old. Actor Susan Flannery (“Bold and the Beautiful”) is 83 years old. Actor Frans Nuen (“South Pacific”) is 83 years old. Singer Robo is 79 years old. Actor Geraldine Chaplin. Gary Lewis and Playboys singer Gary Lewis is 77 years old. Actor Lane Davis (Lois and Clark) is 72 years old. Actor Barry Van Dyke (“Murder 101”, “Diagnosis Murder”) is 71 years old. “In the Heat of the Night”, “Grace Under Fire”) he is 70 years old. Jazz His pianist and actor Michael Wolff (“The Naked Brothers Band”) is his 70th. Actor James Read (“Legally Blonde”) said that he is 69 years old. (BEEN) (“Terminator”, “Alien”) He is 66 years old. Singer and guitarist Daniel Asch (Love and Rockets, Bauhaus) is 65 years old. Actor Dirk Blocker (“Brooklyn Nine Nine”) is 65 years old. Drummer Bill Berry (REM) is 64 years old. Actor Wesley Snipes is 60 years old. Country singer Chad Bullock is 59 years old. Musician Fatboy Slim is 59 years old. The Corrs guitarist Jim Core is 58 years old. JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter, is 57 years old. Actor Dean Kane (“Lois and Clark”) is 56. Actor Jim True Frost (“American Odyssey”, “The Wire”) is 56 years old. Actor Lauren Dean (“Space Cowboy”) is 53 years old. Actor Eve Best (“Nurse Jackie”) is 51 years old. (“How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days”) He is 47 years old. Actor Robert Telfer (“Saved By The Bell”) is 45 years old. Zac Brown’s country singer, Zac Brown, is 44 years old. Actor BJ Novak (“The Office”) is 43. Rapper Lil Uzi Vale is 28. Actor Rico Rodriguez (“Modern Family”) is 24 years old.

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