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Entertainment critic Jim Luocco states that ThrownStone's hysterical "works brilliantly at all levels."

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Editor’s Note: Here, international / domestic / regional entertainment critic Jim Luocco is from Sloanstone. “”Hysterical! “ It was currently performed at the Ridgefield Dance Conservatory on Ridgefield’s Main Street 440 until August 6, 2022. For tickets or more information, call (203) 442-1714 or visit Ruocco has 5.7 million readers worldwide. He is also a member of the Connecticut Critics Circle.

We all show hysterical behavior at some point in our lives.

In fact, some are more than others.

At Thrown Stone, playwright Elenna Stauffer addresses this issue with her stunning 2016 comedy “Hysterical!”. ) Five members of a high school cheerleader team, once named “Bandit,” were struck by a strange, mysterious, and unexplained illness that interfered with the year of victory planning, academics, personal life, and social life. I noticed that my normal life was interrupted. And their important university preparation after graduation.


Of the five, three teenagers (perhaps more, we are led to believe) begin to show strange, indistinguishable, bizarre behavior-eccentric but fully justified. Plot Twist-“Hysterical!” It’s moving.

Who has it?
Who gets it?
Is it contagious?
Is there a cure?
Will it disappear?

Or will this hysterical state be a part of their lives forever?

Spoiler Warning:
Answering any of these questions will disrupt or destroy the “hysterical” interaction, reality, and end result. And its potential enjoyment, observation, conflict, and absolute and well-positioned hysterical attacks occur frequently.

So get ready to dive.

Slowstone’s “Hysterical!” Offset by detailed charm, madness, power play, teenage rivals, girlish conversations, youthful innocence, and moments of authority and voice choice, captivate the audience with surprise. It’s delicious and wisely adopted fun.

It’s witty and attractive.
Its quality never fluctuates.
It is an important achievement in modern theater.
It draws immediate attention.
It kicks surprises and surprises in high gear.
It works great at all levels.

As a playwright, Elena Stauffer imbues “hysterical”. Eligible dialogues, conversations, characters, motives, story arcs, and the fun, progression, and sharply observed teen traps, nuances, social norms, and juicy envelopes of opinions, discussions, and research. There is a great stand-alone quote to do. Here, carefully time the moods, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors of the five central figures, shades, tones, moods, scenes effectively connected by colors, progress in time, aesthetics and intent. Place them together.

The “Hysterical!” Action is shaped, linked and banded to shipbuilding confidence, tat and demand. Tracey Brigden staged the production of Gracie Gardner’s “Athena”, which is about Thrown Stone’s emotions, in an intimate indoor venue. With her script in hand, she reaffirms her keen eyes and ears to the theatrical repertoire, setpiece monologues, stage footholds, rehearsed, but natural and reflexive live performance interactions. .. Her work has a natural and fascinating charm and rush, which brings additional potency, crafting and gut punch thrills to the “hysteria!” Procedure.

Given the context of “spoiler attention” on the plot line and an unexplained illness that grabs a particular character (no name), Brigden introduces each pain without resorting to camping, overkill, or brutal. We are also facing a “how-to” mechanism to do. , Asynchronous soap opera. Instead, she offers genuine, inspired, well-tuned comedy, movement, blocking, expression, and vocal attack. The character who is suffering.

Each character has its own unique blueprint or scale, and Brigden has impeccable timing, delivery, spontaneity, and expression. The timing of this wacky and normal technique is adjusted by the director in milliseconds. This requirement must be communicated with the correct rhythms, beats, poses, ticks, and interspersed with accurate line delivery and phrasing. Whenever the script deems it necessary, it takes shape. It’s all brilliantly treated, shaped and nurtured under Bridden’s ingenious and accurate guidance.

“Hysterical!” Stars are Julia Crowley as Charlotte, Kendir Grace Davis as Madison, Isa Muino as Mia, Olivia Billings as Shannon, and Shannon Burns as Maddy. Reflecting different personalities, ticks, frustrations, anxieties, charms and backgrounds of distinctly different characters, all five performers perform exciting, honest, ambitious and observable performances individually or Provided as a diligent ensemble. Comic timing is important, with the frenzy that occurs out of nowhere every time a script directs the pain of a particular character (or multiple characters) and interrupts a pending action when things completely spiral. The ability to master confusion is also important Out of control. It’s all sacredly wobbling, stupid and wildly caricature, consistent with constant physical energy, line delivery, and finely detailed expression and exaggerated body language.

Crawley (also appearing in the last moments of “Athena”) brings a fresh, vibrant, side-split sacredness and hug to Charlotte’s central role. As Madison, Davis runs happily (and not so much in some scenes) with a strong sense of pioneering recreation, joy, teenage spirit, and natural and evolving friendship. In the role of Mia, Muino draws the audience into a real fit of laughter, hits a happy dash, and drives with the dexterity, knowledge, foot and momentary timing and line delivery features of the farce.
As the title character of “Athena”, Burns, who directs the stage from start to finish, creates another remarkable and sophisticated performance with “Hysteria!”. She uses her instincts, professions, enthusiasm, and perfectly-positioned peculiarities and rhythms to portray her colorful muddy. Actress Billings, who shares the stage with Burns in Athena, is a comical, glamorous and entertaining performance with excavation, plight, pauses, surprises, and amazing, knock-about consistency (she plays Shannon). Masu) is being created.

A fresh, confident and urgent comedy, studded with a playful amount of wit, entertainment, and amplified eccentricity, “Hysteric!” Is a pure summer fizz, comically choreographed by Tracey Brigden. There are ideas, points, swings, dips, and feasts of prosperity that support and decorate Stauffer’s already proven scripts. The five carefully selected casts bring authority, voice and presence to their respective roles, sweetened by a strong commitment, exhilaration and a clear love for live performances.

“Hysterical!” Performed in a repertoire with the very interesting “Athena” written by playwright Gracie Gardner. Two great plays. Five extraordinary actresses. Two equally talented playwrights. One important director.

Slow Stone is the place to be this summer.

* Click here for this review and additional information about critic Jim Luocco.