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Educational Yoplait and Box Tops give back to California community with elementary school library renovation

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Minneapolis–(business wire)–This back-to-school, Yoplait and Box Tops for Education are giving back to their communities and committed to empowering the women who make schools special places for students. Lenox, California.

Yoplait and Box Tops for Education identified the school through the efforts of Principal Maria Castellanos. Principal Maria Castellanos is dedicated to ensuring that all students at her school have the opportunity to grow, even though many have been unable to focus on their studies through the challenges of online learning during the pandemic. Delayed reading. Working closely with teachers and staff, including her school librarian, Megan Gomez-Green, Castellanos has provided her students with valuable study habits.

“Our library is the heart of our school. Children are excited, they want to find the right books, and they want to learn about different topics through reading. “I am excited to have access to a space that fosters the creativity and development that comes with life,” Castellanos said. I want to make sure you realize that little girls look at a Latino principal and say, ‘She grew up on similar streets, similar homes, look where she is.’ I hope you can say

Yoplait and Box Tops for Education’s library renovation will provide Dolores Huerta Elementary School with a unique and colorful new space, including a new amphitheater, reading nooks and books donated from the librarian’s wish list. “Diversity and Expression”Chronicus Apestosus” with Martin Pinole “When Rosa Parks Went Fishing” By Rachel Lewis.

“Yoplait is committed to celebrating and empowering the women who will lead future generations to success,” said Rachel Lecce, Assistant Manager of Brand Experience, General Mills. We believe investing in providing children with the tools they need to educate is fundamental: “Our partnership with Box Tops for Education provides the resources schools and communities need to grow and excel.” This is a great opportunity to help you get

Through Box Tops for Education, Yoplait hopes to encourage consumers to give back to their communities by providing an easy way for shoppers to earn cash for their schools with the products they have already purchased. I’m here. By using the Box Tops app, consumers can scan receipts from stores containing her Yoplait products that Box Tops participates in to earn cash at schools of their choice. This will help support local schools in need and help the most needy children in the region learn and develop.

Click here for more information on this partnership. hereDownload the Box Top app to learn more and support your local school.

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