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Education Cannot Wait Announces New Multi-Year Resilience Program in Cameroon, Exceeding $30 Million in Total ECW Investments in the Country - Cameroon

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Today’s new $25 million investment, provided in partnership with the Government of Cameroon, United Nations agencies and civil society, will raise an additional $5,000 to reach the 227,000 girls and boys affected by the crisis. We aim to mobilize millions of dollars.

NEW YORK, 1 August 2022 – Education Cannot Wait (ECW) today announced US$25 million in catalytic seed funding to roll out the first-ever multi-year resilience program in Cameroon. With this new allocation, ECW’s total investment in Cameroon has now exceeded US$30 million, helping to reach girls and boys affected by the crisis with quality education.

Multi-year investment from grant recipients including Norwegian Refugee Council ($3M), Plan International ($3.2M), UNESCO ($3.5M), UNICEF ($6.8M), UNHCR ($5.6M) provided by a consortium of million) and the World Food Program ($2.9 million) are in line with the Cameroon government’s plans for education in the crisis-hit country.

The three-year program will mobilize an additional $50 million to reach a total of 227,000 internally displaced persons, refugees, returnees, and host community children and adolescents in the Northwest, Southwest, Far North, East, and Adamawa. We aim to support local communities. As with ECW’s other multi-year investments, 60% of beneficiaries are girls and 10% are children with disabilities.

The investment responds to the multiple shocks that Cameroon has experienced over the past decade, including a protracted humanitarian crisis and associated demographic shifts, a socio-political crisis, and climate change recurrences in the Far North. These include flooding, the crisis in the Lake Boko Haram Chad basin region. , the protracted conflict in the neighboring Central African Republic, and the combined impact of COVID-19.

More than 1.9 million school-age children in the country are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, according to the latest analysis. In the North and Southwest alone, he has more than 1.2 million people in urgent need of assistance, and nearly 400,000 in the Far North’s education sector.

“Cameroon’s children and youth need this multi-year investment in education more than ever. We provide comprehensive quality education, including psychosocial services and school feeding. , under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, is well-coordinated and jointly implemented between UN agencies and civil society – precisely what the world needs to focus on to bring about change where it is most needed. An investment of sorts: We urgently need additional resources for donors, the private sector and other strategic partners to realize the dream of quality education for Cameroon’s children and adolescents. Together we can move forward towards SDG 4: ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. It is the foundation for achieving all other Sustainable Development Goals.

“At a time when the thinking about transforming education is underway, this new programme, the Multi-Year Resilience Program funded by ECW, will strengthen the resilience of our education system and empower all affected girls and boys. The various crises raging in Cameroon will allow access to quality and comprehensive education in a healthy, safe and protected environment,” said Laurent, Minister of Education. Professor Serge Etondi Ngoa said.

With a focus on investing in gender equality, disability inclusion, mental health and psychosocial support, this multi-year program will increase the capacity of national education systems to provide quality education responses to those affected by the crisis. plan, monitor, coordinate, fund and deliver area. The program spans the continuum from early childhood education to adolescent skills programming and focuses on secondary and non-formal alternative education for adolescent girls.

The program builds on the impact of ECW’s US$5.2 million First Emergency Response grant in Cameroon. The grant addresses the urgent needs of children and adolescents during various crises, the COVID-19 pandemic and the influx of refugees from the central region. African Republic.


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About Education Cannot Wait (ECW):

Education Cannot Wait (ECW) is the United Nations global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises. We support quality education outcomes for girls and boys affected by refugees, internally displaced persons and other crises, ensuring that no one is left behind. Through its multilateral system, ECW will speed response to crises, linking immediate relief with long-term intervention through multi-year programs. ECW works closely with governments, public and private donors, United Nations agencies, civil society organizations, and other humanitarian and development actors to increase efficiency and end siled responses. increase. ECW urgently appeals to public and private sector donors to scale up their support to reach more vulnerable children and young people. The Education Cannot Wait High-Level Financing Conference, co-organized by ECW and Switzerland and co-organized by Germany, Niger, Norway and South Sudan, will take place in Geneva on 16-17 February 2023.

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