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Edu Exclusive Interview: Arsenal Transfer Policy Working in Harmony with Mikel Arteta and Why Only Trophy Do | Soccer News

Club technical director Edu is exclusive as Arsenal are the current top spender in the Premier League this summer Sky sports news About their transfer business, working in harmony with Gunners boss Mikel Arteta, why only trophies do it.

Arsenal have spent £ 121.5m on five new players this summer with the introduction of Gabriele Jesus, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Fabio Vieira, Markinhos and Matt Turner.

Correct information as of July 24, 2022

Their business seems to be well translated on the pitch, with Arteta winning all four pre-season games so far, including Chelsea’s 4-0 thrashing in Orlando over the weekend.

Sky sports news Reporter Michael Bridge will sit exclusively with Edu, who played for the club from 2001 to 2005 and has been Arsenal’s technical director since July 2019, about his expectations for the summer and the coming season. We talked …

How satisfied are you with the latest signature Oleksandr Zinchenko?

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The new Arsenal, who signed with Oleksandr Zinchenko, revealed that he was a longtime fan of the club after seeing the stars of the team Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas when he was young.

“Zinchenko is a player we really targeted, so I’m very excited to be here. We really believe that it has the characteristics and qualities that will certainly raise the level of the team. I’m a player.

“”[The Zinchenko transfer] It was planned as six months ago to develop that position in the best possible way that Miquel really wants to play.

“Of course, Miquel worked with him, so he knows him better than anyone else. [at Manchester City] But all the information about the player is top. It is very important for us to have a player like him on the team, not only as a soccer player, but also for his qualities as a person. “

Can you expect more new signatures?

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Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta said he hopes to complete the transfer business further before the end of the summer window and expects players to join the club as well as leave the club.

“I think we need to be prepared for every situation. We still feel that the transfer window is open. The most important thing is to be prepared for all scenarios as opportunities may arise. That is.

“The club can get closer to us. Players probably want to get a loan, so there’s still a lot to do, but again, it’s most important to prepare for me. is [thing] And certainly, we are very prepared for almost everything. “

Gabriel Magalh tells me that you are a big reason he joins the club-how does it make you feel?

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The new Arsenal, who signed with Gabriel Magalhizas, said his compatriots and club technical director Edu played a key role in deciding to move to the club.

“No, it’s not me. It’s Arsenal. I’m just part of the process of you signing in to the player. I’m in front of the player, in front of my family, and explain who you are. As a club, I think we need to be proud of having players like Gabriel Magalh here. “

Asked if they had been chasing Jesus for a long time: “Sure. I think this process actually takes about seven months in terms of understanding and discussing each other. He has many other opportunities and who we are. Because I choose because I understand. “

Did you bring in the player you want, even though you don’t qualify for the Champions League?

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AFTV’s Robbie Lyle believes Arsenal fans are happy with the club’s transfer efforts so far, but still wants at least two signatures!

“Yes, it’s almost 100%. I think players may want to play Champions League football, but I think we can offer something very special to them as well.

“You can be part of a group of players who can accomplish something very special to this football club, not just the Champions League, and always decide whether you want to participate in the project we are building. I’m asking.

“I’m sure we’ll do something very special for this football club, and when I explain to the players, they really understand. [it] That’s why they are here. “

Have you ever met a player who is not suitable for Arsenal?

“Yes, sure. The reason I meet players, meet family members, and talk to agents is, of course, because they have to understand us, but I also have to understand them.

“If it fits the model in every way, it’s okay, but if I find something that’s not very comfortable, I’ll move on.”

How close was it to sign Rafinha?

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New summer sign Rafinha scored Barcelona’s stunning victory goal in pre-season El Classico with Real Madrid

“People think we went too deep into Rafinha because Rafinha was everywhere.

“Deco is his agent and I have a good relationship, so it’s fair that we had some conversations with Deco. [with him] ――We are friends.

“I just said to Deco,’Can you explain Rafinha’s situation to me?'” He was clear. “Edu, we have a good relationship, but I’m going to lie to you. No. He dreams of going to Barcelona, ​​so his idea is to go to Barcelona. Not long ago we were talking to Barcelona. “

“Thank you. If anything happens, I can look into the situation and understand it, so please let me know. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t. We will continue the relationship.”

Isn’t that easy in terms of eviction of players?

“No, but trying to create opportunities for players is part of our job. The most important thing is to get players to understand why they are here and why they need to go. I think, then we need to create some opportunities. Think about the potential with the player’s agent and try to find the best possible solution for the player.

“As soon as you give them a clear idea of ​​what you want to do, it helps the situation. It’s a challenge because you have to find a club, situation, loan. But again, very respectful. In a way that represents, it helps a little to make the best decisions. “

How important is it for you and Arteta to agree to the signature?

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Mikel Arteta said he shouldn’t get hooked on Arsenal’s team after defeating Chelsea 4-0 in the pre-season Florida Cup.

“100%. You’ll never sign a player you don’t like. It’s not my style, and certainly not Arsenal’s.

“If we decide to work together, the decisions need to be together. The most important thing for me is that people are not the signature of Miquel, not the signature of Edu, but the signature of Arsenal. Is to understand.

“I always say people give credit to me and Miquel, but credit needs to go to Arsenal. We are Arsenal, we work together and the decisions we make are the same.

“Around one decision, there are many people around that decision, not just Edu and Miquel. The most important message for fans and people to understand is Arsenal and [they are] Arsenal decision. “

How impressed were you when Arteta was interviewed for the job?

Mikel Arteta works closely with Arsenal's technical director Edu
Mikel Arteta (right) works closely with Arsenal’s technical director Edu

“Wow. When I talked to him about myself on the phone, the funny thing was that we stayed on the phone for an hour and talked about family, concepts, ideas and actions, not just football.

“When I turned off the phone, I thought it was probably really special and probably what we were looking for in a club.

“Then when we decided to go there and meet Miquel to talk about the idea, he was almost everything ready. He was in his idea, his style, and his way of playing. It was great because it was really impressive-that’s why he is here. “

You were with the owner on Wednesday, how supportive were they in spending?

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Arsenal and Everton pre-season friendly highlights

“Because it is unfair to associate owners with spending, not only spending, they are very important and can be unfair if people have doubts about our owners. ..

“They are really enthusiastic, really supportive, and really present in the club, so we can feel really comfortable.”

How positive are you?

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Highlights of Arsenal’s 3-1 victory over Orlando City at Exploria Stadium

“We’re actually planning, so it’s probably in the middle of a project.

“We need to keep improving the quality of our team. We need to improve, improve and improve because we have to make important decisions to improve our team every year.

“Here we always have to think about winning. I think the club was born to win things because of the size of this club and we always have to think about winning. Every year we are better and better It must be good and better. “

Want more than the top four for the new season?

“Yes, sure. I respect and have to be realistic for these situations, but I want to win again, so why not put it in here as soon as possible? I want to be there again. Why? “

So what are your goals for this season?

“In honor, even if it’s realistic, you can’t think of anything more than winning.”

What is your promise to Arsenal fans with the transfer window open?

“We will continue to work really, really hard for them.”

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