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Editorial: Republicans now lead Democrats on education issues

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Since the beginning of history, Democrats have been the party that voters expect to do better on issues related to education. , none of which have helped to overcome voters’ perception that the other party is one that supports educational excellence.

Until now, it was mostly a question of spending. Democrats are always willing to spend more money on education than most Republicans, whether it leads to improvement or not. In fact, with the help of their fellow messengers in the media and trade union propaganda, they long ago took the lead in the discussion and were able to define the terms.

Then came COVID-19. Schools have been closed as part of the lockdown. Often due to the same teacher union insistence on keeping Democratic politicians in their hip pockets like change. This didn’t go over well with the parents. Even parents who thought their children were attending quality schools were outraged when efforts to force closures extended to private schools, as they did in California and places like her D.C. area. Did. They didn’t have to worry about that matter.

As a result, the tide seems to have turned. A new Morning Consult poll asks voters, “Which party would you trust to do a better job on education?”

Swing is important. In 2008, Democrats trailed Republicans by 29 points on education as the Republican president stepped down after promising that “no child was left behind.” By 2017, the first year in office of former President Donald Trump, that lead had dropped to 16. By 2021, it had dwindled to his 10. Now, after more than a year of closures and Zoom classes and mask mandates and teachers and school administrators directing policies to parents, Republicans generally oppose mask mandates and closures and follow the science on The chances of huge numbers of children contracting the deadly COVID-19 just by attending school was considered by all voters by 4 points to be the party that does a better job on education. It is

Given that Republicans have never taken the lead on this issue before, this is a big change. The difference between parent and child is 9 points. The lead is 10 among what pollsters called “voters of color.” If ever there was an opportunity to build a bridge with a demographic of voters who normally reject Republican candidates nine to one, this is it.

Now is the time for Republicans to go all out. Republicans control more governors and legislatures than ever before in the 50 states. There are suggestions for improving education that have already proven to work. This includes expanding vouchers, scholarships, charter schools, and changing the school funding process by funding students rather than being allocated to specific schools.

Parents want to be empowered to ensure lockdowns are enforced. Lockdowns can make it harder for children to recapture years of learning and expose them to unforeseen health risks. Stay away and don’t oppose. It’s a revolution, and Republicans must be prepared to spend political capital to make it happen.