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Duttons move to Jacobs for rest of 2022 season | Entertainment

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Duttons move to Yakov’s.

The Duttons will resume shows for the 2022 season on Monday, September 26, at 8 p.m. at the Yakov Theater in Branson. After the July 13th fire, the Dutton Family Theater was closed for repairs.

Fires from a trash can outside the theater quickly climbed up the theater’s corner pillars and into the building’s crawl space, façade, and roof. The fire was quickly extinguished, but fire, water, and smoke damage remained throughout the facility.

In the weeks since the incident, the family is awaiting an estimate of the damage and making plans for how long it will take before the theater is safe for performers and guests again.

“Initially, we hoped that the damage from the fire would be minimal and that we could reopen the theater for our guests within a month or two,” said Timothy Dutton, CEO and Technical Director. “But the deeper we dig into this project, the more problems we find, especially the amount of smoke damage that passes through the entire building, even in the parts of the building furthest from the actual fire.” It quickly became imperative to find a new location to host our show. I am delighted.”

Duttons offers audiences a slightly more limited schedule at Yakov’s. This will correspond to his upcoming Fall Showtime.

“The challenge was finding a theater large enough to accommodate the large number of performers, with enough seating to accommodate the current bookings and a time slot available to accommodate our schedule. “Yakov’s was definitely the best choice. When he asked for the offer, we couldn’t be happier.”

Yakov Smirnoff said he was happy to help The Duttons.

“I truly believe that Vladimir Putin was responsible for the fire at The Duttons, so inviting them to my theater was the least I could do!” Yakov said.

The Duttons 2022 season resumes Monday, September 26th through Friday, September 30th with a reunion show featuring all seven of the original Dutton brothers performing together. The Duttons will resume with regular shows next week. It will run until October 31st. Before switching to the Christmas Show, which runs from November 1st to December 14th.

Smirnoff will launch its 2022 show, “United We Laugh,” on Sunday, October 2nd at 2pm on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. His run time is until November 18th. For more information, visit

Reconstruction and cleanup of the fire and smoke damaged Dutton Family Theater is scheduled to reopen in April 2023 and will continue through the fall and winter.

The Yakov Theater is located on State Routes 248-470 in Branson. For additional information about The Duttons or to book tickets, please call 417-332-2772 or visit