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Dumpster rental business trying to build a new house in Arnold

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Joe Cene worked on a tight schedule for two years. One at night and the other during the day. He continued until he learned that a newborn dumpster rental company could support his family.

“It was a struggle,” Cene said.

Six years after launching Triple P Disposal, Cene wants to build a home for her business in Arnold.

Cene will purchase five lots at Fourth Ave. from 1339 to 1349, where it will operate a roll-off trash can business. This includes office and space for truck maintenance and empty container storage.

Triple P is divided into two locations, with the office at Cene’s home in Buffalo Township and the rest in PowersDrive’s rental space in New Kensington.

“We’ve been considering buying, and this has happened,” he said. “It’s pretty cool.”

Cene said he and Arnold’s redevelopment authorities had agreed on a lot price, but the sale had not yet been completed.

Rick Rayberg, director of community development at Arnold, said Triple P was one of two businesses that bid on real estate. They are working to find another place for other businesses.

4 out of 5 lots are vacant lots. On the fifth 1339 Force Avenue, there is an abandoned building out of 10 that was demolished under a city contract with AP Wise Excavating.

The sale is subject to zoning approval, but Rayberg said Sene wants to build and should be allowed to do it there. The area is zoned for commercial and light industry use.

When demolishing abandoned or dilapidated houses, Arnold has sought to demolish adjacent buildings to create large plots that are attractive for development. According to Rayberg, the standard parcel size for the area in the city is 22 feet wide and 120 feet deep, too narrow to be processed individually.

This approach has produced beneficial results. Michael F. Whalen Contracting was built on the basis of a similar property on the other side of Fourth Avenue where Triple P is located.

Raised in East Liberty and Lawrenceville, 38-year-old Cene has been living in Buffalo Township since 2012. He and his wife, Mary Cene, have three children, and Triple P is named after them. My daughters Peyton (14 years old) and Paige (11 years old). ; And son, Paxton, 12.

Sene said he got the idea for the project from his father-in-law, Dale Bobeck, who died in covid in September. Bobeck rented a garbage container used in the construction industry.

“The money was tight. I was dissatisfied with other work there towards the end. I wanted to make extra money,” Cene said. “I bought a used truck and two trash cans. It cost me $ 17,000. I put $ 12,000 in my credit card and paid $ 5,000 from my pocket.

“The rest is hard work and growth.”

From that one truck and two trash cans, Triple P has grown into seven trucks and 80 trash cans, with five drivers.

Cene said it plans to finish purchasing in Arnold by October and build up within a year.

“I’m excited about it. I really do,” Cene said.

Next to the property that Cene has acquired, there are two more abandoned houses. Cene said he would like to get them as well and discard them for additional space. However, the city had a hard time contacting the owner.

Brian C. Littmeier is a staff writer for Tribune Review. You can contact us on Brian (724-226-4701, or on Twitter. ..