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Discovery Education announces latest enhancements

Silver Spring, Maryland, July 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)- Discovery educationToday, we are announcing a number of new enhancements to the award-winning K-12 platform, a world leader in educational technology where state-of-the-art digital platforms support learning everywhere. These improvements make it easier for educators to find, build, and deliver compelling lessons that attract student attention and engage students, regardless of subject.

Among the latest enhancements made in Discovery Education K-12 Learning Platform For the new semester:

A more ready-to-use tool for assessing student performance and addressing learning gaps.
Educators can improve their teaching to keep their students motivated with quizzes, a classroom engagement tool. The quiz facilitates active learning in the classroom and provides multiple ways to track progress in real time. The functions of the quiz are as follows.

  • The 200 new, ready-to-use formative assessments created by Discovery Education are perfectly suited to your content. With a total of 400 existing quizzes, you can customize quickly and easily. Educators can also create quizzes from scratch or use them as-is for turnkey assignments.
  • Real-time tracking of student progress using My Classrooms. This is an intuitive new way to track student progress and navigate between assignments. The redesigned interface helps teachers better understand where students are and how they differentiate their learning to meet their unique needs.

The new time-saving educator experience enhances the use of high quality educational resources.
Discovery Education understands that one of the teacher’s most valuable resources is time. The search capabilities of the K-12 platform have been fine-tuned to help educators find the right piece of digital content needed to take advantage of the moments they can teach.

The all-new Explore page makes it easy for educators to browse Discovery Education’s more than 200,000 unique digital resources by subject, providing personalized suggestions based on platform activity, grade level, and topics of interest. I can do it.

As another effort to save educators’ time, Discovery Education is funded by Elementary and Junior High School Emergency Relief (ESSER), all organized by grade band, with a wealth of digital resources provided by trusted content partners. Introducing editing of the most popular Discovery Education assets prioritized by offering. Discovery Education content partners contributing to these collections include Sesame Workshop for early learning content, Marzano Academies for professional learning opportunities, and Minecraft: Education Edition for the World of Minecraft. STEM Careers Coalition ™ STEM career profiles and pathways, and compelling interactivity from two leaders in the field, Vooks and PhET.

Enhanced features that make it easy to adapt to out-of-the-box lessons and activities.
With Studio (Discovery Education’s creative lesson creation and presentation tools), educators can quickly change ready-to-use activities, create lessons from templates using proven teaching strategies, and new digital You can create lessons from scratch.

In addition to improving Studio’s overall workflow, educators can now:

  • Quickly preview studio lessons and activities from a student’s perspective.
  • Use the image as a button to navigate the activity.
  • Enliven your lessons with fun fonts and animated buttons.

The new student interface builds agencies, stimulates learning and accelerates task time.
Discovery Education updates the platform’s student interface, builds student agencies, facilitates learning, and accelerates task time, providing a refreshing new look and an improved overall experience. Here are the new features in the improved student interface:

  • Personalized options for students to customize the look and feel of their home page.
  • An updated assignment section that makes it easier for students to prioritize, start, and complete assignments.
  • A brand new exploration page that provides students with the opportunity to follow their interests with search-based content recommendations and new, timely and relevant discoveries.

“Continuous improvement is one of the core values ​​of Discovery Education,” said Scott Kinney, Chief Executive Officer of Discovery Education. “The latest updates and features added to the Discovery Education K-12 learning platform support educators’ efforts to engage and inspire students to learn anytime, anywhere. Discovery Education is timely and relevant for teachers. Having access to content and useful educational tools all in one place makes it easier for teachers to find and create compelling lessons and stimulates the natural curiosity of all learners. To do.”

Discovery Education’s kindergarten-to-high school learning platform is designed to work within the existing infrastructure and workflow of school systems, providing educators and students with a safe, secure and easy access method. .. Through extended and lasting partnerships with Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, Brightspace and Clever, it’s easier than ever to integrate Discovery Education’s kindergarten-to-high school learning platform into your existing IT architecture. I did. Details of the latest updates to the Discovery Education platform here..

Educators who use the Discovery Education K-12 platform and all Discovery Education resources Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Community.. This global community of education professionals connects school systems and members around the world through social media, virtual conferences and face-to-face events to foster valuable networking, idea sharing and inspiration.

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  • Discovery Education announces the latest enhancements to its award-winning kindergarten-to-high school learning platform