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Detroit Tigers reliever Andrew Chafin attracts trade interest

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Detroit Tigers left-handed reliever Andrew Chafin is likely to be traded.

The Detroit Tigers signed left-handed reliever Andrew Chafin last March and will be a key part of the bullpen for the next two seasons. Chafin was absent from the team in Toronto last weekend because he chose not to be vaccinated for Covid-19, but otherwise posted a 2.53 earned run average in 32 innings, nearing the end of negotiations. maintained.

But with the Detroit Tigers a disaster and Chafin owning an opt-out, he’ll almost certainly be working out after this season. Now is the time to trade him. high (see Daniel Norris), good A left-handed reliever can bring home some pretty strong returns.

So it’s no surprise that multiple teams are interested in Andrew Chafin, as reported by Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.

Now comes the fun part. Let the Tigers guess what he could get from these two clubs.With multiple teams interested in Chafin and him potentially opting into his second year of his contract, the Tigers should do it You can get a little more in return than you superficially expect

The Chicago White Sox currently have one of the worst farm systems in baseball, but there are some interesting prospects. Brian Ramos It will probably be the first request for the Tigers. His 20-year-old Cuban native has an aggressive approach, but great contact and raw power, and a chance to be an above-average defender at third base. 268 with 17 homers, a 9.1% walk rate, and a high 16.9% strikeout rate in his Aces.

The White Sox would probably hesitate to ask that question, but perhaps they’d be more willing to discuss it. Yoelki Cespedes Also Wes CassCespedes is the younger brother of former Tigers outfielder Yoenis, but his super-aggressive approach makes him the fourth outfielder.

Cass received Chicago’s second-round pick from his Arizona high school last year. He has a lot more advantage than Cespedes, with plus power and plus defensive chances at third base, but his risks are also a lot higher. 233 with nine home runs, a 12.2% walk rate, and a 32.8% strikeout rate in Low-A.

what about the Mets? They have some high-ranking prospects, but their system quickly breaks down.Francisco Alvarez and Brett Batty aren’t real options, but they could let go Mark VientosAlthough he’s a strong right-handed hitter, he’s likely to record big strikeouts all the time and is probably limited to first base or left field on defense.shortstop Ronnie Mauricio Long intrigued by scouts with his tools and frame, he is a very aggressive hitter with a career batting average of .259 and a 5.0% walk percentage in the Pro ball.

Stanley Consuegra An interesting outfield prospect, having played in rookie ball in 2018 as a 17-year-old, but lost all of 2019 and 2020 and only appeared in 20 games last year. He’s been back on track this season and could be a component of his position in a deal that could involve his arm in the big league bullpen. Colin Holdermanor a Reese Olson-style starter with relief characteristics such as Dominic Hamel.

With so many teams likely going on Andrew Chafin, we could speculate all day on the returns of potential prospects. should be able to harden the farm system in the next 24 hours.