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Deshawn Watson suspended: NFL suspends Browns quarterback for 6 games

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Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshawn Watson’s six-game suspension will be appealed by the NFL, which had requested an indefinite suspension of at least one year prior to Watson’s suspension.

The NFL informed the NFLPA Wednesday afternoon that it will appeal Sue L. Robinson’s disciplinary action against Watson’s suspension. Commissioner Roger Goodell will decide who will hear the appeal. Under the CBA, Mr. Goodell can also consider appeals on his own. The NFLPA will give him two business days to submit a written response to the appeal.

NFL is Indefinite suspension for at least one yearaccording to CBS Sports NFL Insider Jonathan Jones.

Early Wednesday morning, ESPN reported that it was preparing to sue the NFL in federal court if the NFLPA appealed Robinson’s decision.

Watson recently faced 24 civil lawsuits for sexual misconduct during a massage session with the Houston Texans. It was done last Monday. Watson, who denies any wrongdoing, was not indicted on two criminal charges by a Texas grand jury earlier this offseason.

“On Monday, Judge Sue L. Robinson, the independent chief of discipline jointly appointed by the NFL and the NFL Players Association, ruled on the personal conduct policy issue regarding Deshawn Watson,” the league said via NFL Media. said in a statement. “Under the 2020 NFL-NFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement (“CBA”), the Disciplinary Officer’s factual findings are binding and may not be appealable. Judge Robinson found that Watson violated the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy multiple times and was suspended. The CBA gives the NFL or NFLPA the right to appeal any discipline imposed by the Disciplinary Officer, and such appeal must be filed within three days of him being heard by the Commissioner or his designee. .

“The NFL has notified the NFLPA of its appeal of Judge Robinson’s disciplinary action and submitted a summary of it this afternoon. Commissioner Roger Goodell will determine who will hear the appeal.”

Robinson’s ruling was revealed Monday morning as the Browns began their second week of training camp. Watson did not release a statement after the verdict, but Browns owners Dee and Jimmy Haslem released statements shortly after the suspension became public.

“Throughout this process, DeShawn and his attorneys have made sure that the NFLPA and the NFL have an objective judge, Sue L. Robinson, to consider all the information comprehensively and make a newly created decision to make a fair decision.” , has adhered to an agreed process, and we respect Judge Robinson, as we make decisions, please empathize and understand that many individuals have been induced through this process.

“DeShawn knows he regrets that this situation has caused a lot of heartache to many people.He will continue to do the necessary work to show who he is on and off the field. , we will continue to support him.”

As things stand, Watson will miss at least the first six games of the 2022 season. Meanwhile, Cleveland’s starting quarterback will be Jacoby Brissett, who has 37 career starts with the Patriots, Colts and Dolphins.