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Deshawn Watson has reportedly dropped a settlement offer from the NFL that would have resulted in a suspension of less than a year.

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The NFL is currently appealing Deshawn Watson’s six-game suspension, and it’s very likely that his suspension will get worse in the coming weeks.

The NFL originally wanted Watson to be suspended for at least a year, but now the league is doing everything in its power to actually make it happen. CBS Sports NFL Insider Jonathan JonesJudge Sue Robinson ordered a six-game suspension, but Jones confirmed on Thursday that Roger Goodell named former New Jersey AG’s Peter C. Harvey to supervise the appeals court. Has the final say in the case.

The NFL’s appeal when it is in charge of the appeals process makes it difficult to imagine a scenario where the NFL would not add a substantial amount of games to Watson’s suspension.

Watson could have avoided all of this had he settled his lawsuit with the NFL, and Robinson had a chance to do so before he ruled Monday. Go to ESPN.comIn the days leading up to Robinson’s verdict, both the NFL and Watson’s camp attempted to reconcile.

The NFL wanted Watson’s suspension for a year, but the league was willing to settle that number down.according to ESPN and Sports Illustrated, the NFL’s final settlement offer was as follows: Watson received his 12-game suspension, which ranged from $8 million to a $10 million fine for him.

Watson’s team was unwilling to accept a deal that would suspend the quarterback for more than six to eight games, so he withdrew the offer. Watson was also unwilling to accept a heavy fine. According to

Essentially, Watson took a gamble not to accept the NFL’s offer. All of this could have been undone if Watson had accepted his 12-game suspension, but instead he could at least receive a one-year indefinite suspension. was.

At this point, I feel: best case Watson’s scenario is now a 12-game suspension. His six-game suspension is currently on appeal, which has in fact given the two sides more time to consider the possibility of a settlement, which would be another opportunity for Watson to make a deal with the NFL. This means that there is a possibility of obtaining

The fact that the NFL was willing to agree to a 12-game suspension rather than a one-year suspension as a possible settlement is no coincidence.according to To Yahoo SportsThe NFL definitely doesn’t want to see Watson play the Texans in Week 13, so one way to keep him from doing so is to suspend him for 12 games. If he gets a suspension, the Texans game is the final game he must sit out).

If no settlement is reached and Watson’s suspension is extended by the NFL, the lawsuit will very likely go to federal court. reported on thursday The Watson campaign has not yet decided whether to file a federal lawsuit. Anderson said Watson’s legal team will wait and see what happens with the appeal. If the suspension is extended to his 12 games, they may not sue accordingly. On the other hand, if you receive a suspension of more than a year, it is not surprising that a lawsuit will be filed.

Whatever happens, this is not the end. As for the appeals process, Watson’s campaign has until Friday to respond to his NFL appeal. After that, Watson’s suspension will be entrusted to Harvey.