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DeSantis School Board Tells Florida Teachers to Downplay Federal LGBTQ Protections

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Tallahassee, Fla. (AP) — The state of Florida has advised school districts to ignore protections for LGBTQ students that President Joe Biden’s administration is seeking to implement. State Law.

Florida Board of Education Manny Diaz sent a letter to school districts Thursday announcing new rules proposed under Title IX that would expand protections against sexual discrimination for students based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. Therefore, the current practice should not be changed.

“These guidance documents include granting biological males who identify as females access to female bathrooms, changing rooms, or dormitories, or allowing biological males who identify as females to There is nothing that requires us to be allowed to compete on any sports team,” Diaz said.

He added that doing any of these things “endangers the safety and well-being of Florida students and could violate Florida law.”

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But Nikki Fried, the only Democrat elected statewide and a member of the Agriculture Commissioner who represents the School Meals program abroad, said the problem isn’t just about toilets, it’s also about student meals. Stated. The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires schools to put up posters about non-discrimination in order to receive federal funding for school feeding programs, she said.

Freed, who wants to challenge Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, said at a press conference, “This is a fictional culture war they created, trying to deny the children food.” I will do everything in my power to ensure that no one falls victim to the DeSantis administration and is denied food.”

Freed’s department recently said the school should put up posters in the new language. Diaz’s letter told schools to ignore that guidance because it could violate state law.

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Last year, DeSantis signed a bill banning those assigned male at birth from participating in women’s or women’s sports. This year, he signed a bill banning discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation in public schools until at least his third grade.

Earlier this month, a federal judge in Tennessee blocked implementation of proposed new federal protections after 20 states sued over the issue.

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