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Dell Technologies: India Accelerates Deployment of 5G Infrastructure: Dell Technologies

As India begins its first steps towards 5G with a record INR 150,000 spectrum auction, Dell’s top executives said on Sunday that the 5G infrastructure, which will serve both urban and rural India, will be priced at $100,000. He said he expects the rollout to accelerate sooner than expected. .

According to Manish Gupta, VP of Infrastructure, the development will enable the Internet of Things, Industrial IoT and Edge Computing across industries such as agriculture, e-commerce, healthcare, education and pharmaceuticals. Adoption of advanced technologies such as computing, robotics, etc. will be accelerated. Solutions Group, Dell Technologies India.

“As enterprises look to bring more and more applications to the public cloud, they will also need enterprise-grade solutions and services for workloads integrated with their on-premises infrastructure stack,” Gupta told IANS. rice field.

The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (Industry 4.0) reduces manufacturing costs and improves quality and yield.

“Data analytics, AI, and machine learning (ML) are penetrating new market segments, enabling better data-driven decision-making for businesses and enabling more accurate, real-time predictive analytics,” he said. emphasized.

With 5G soon becoming a reality, India’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are focused on driving revenue growth, initially reluctant to invest in IT infrastructure solutions, and cloud will require a resilient journey to

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“MSMEs need flexibility to manage their workloads.Better ability to manage future workloads and upgrade their existing IT infrastructure will help them stay ahead of the competition and best serve their customers. and strengthen our partner relationships in the age of digital transformation,” said Gupta. IANS.

“The right server, storage, cloud, and cybersecurity solutions, with our broad portfolio of solutions, will shape the future of MSMEs, act on cutting-edge insights, and map progress across the market to a profitable market.” We will turn it into a company. Tomorrow,” said a company executive.

Dell Technologies introduces software-driven storage innovations that provide insights, security and increased productivity for Indian enterprises.

According to Gupta, these advances will give companies a secure and flexible environment to extract critical insights to grow in the digital age.

“Our infrastructure solutions are designed to consolidate IT processes and reduce business complexity. It’s one of the reasons why we’re the industry leader in the domestic market,” Gupta told IANS.

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