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Dealing with the Dark Side of Technology - The New Indian Express

Is technology messing us up? For a spiritual person, the answer is not a simple yes or no. A truly spiritual person is an anekantwadi, accepting multiple, diverse and even contradictory perspectives simultaneously. But first, we need to look at the bright side of technology. Those born in the 1990s and beyond may have no idea what the older generation had to go through. Long queues were a feature of the time.Simple tasks like bank deposits, withdrawals, and acquisitions
Reserving tickets or paying for electricity used to be a very difficult task that took a full day. In an emergency, it was necessary to send a telegram. Nowadays, there are probably many people who have never even been to a bank or train station reservation counter. You can know in advance whether the train is late or on time.The real Telegram is now out of business and the Telegram app is
Growing up.

What kind of technology has brought us here? It has made our lives easier than we ever imagined. Everything is just a click away. Someone sitting in a remote village works for a multinational corporation based in the United States. Families thousands of miles apart are in constant contact. Technological innovations in business and communications kept offices and businesses functioning even when nearly half the world was on lockdown during the pandemic. The Internet has not only destroyed the tyranny of distance, but is also a great leveling tool.

What more could you expect? Let’s admit that even the Moon, a creation of existence, is not without some black spots. Those who say technology is ruining us also have strong arguments in their favor. Instead, it made us more polarized than ever. We only talk to people who share our thoughts, likes and dislikes. We are now wrapped in a cocoon. We all live in echo chambers where only our own voices can be heard.

We see it everywhere every day. Hundreds of people working in the same compound, sharing the same space with him for eight hours, do they talk? Whenever you go out for lunch or tea, you’ll find everyone frantically scrolling through their smartphones. This is the way to alienation.

I forgot to talk to people around me. Rather, we prefer text messages. We are isolated from the real world because nothing can replace face-to-face interactions. Nothing beats a pleasant smile and a hearty laugh. Sadly, human interaction has taken its toll today. We don’t live around, and our spare time becomes screen time. Friendships and even marriages are ruined. Our worth is measured by the number of followers we have on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, not by the number of friends we have. Passive communication and jealousy are a dangerous cocktail. Enough to be melancholy. Ordinary souls are caught in this vicious circle. This has caused many health and stress related problems.

But while we all think we’re spoiled for choice, we’re actually being manipulated by big technologies and algorithms that determine what we see on our screens. In fact, the laundry list of how technology is ruining us can go on and on. A notable example is the lack of skill.But for me the real problem is
That silence has become unbearable for our youth. They cannot live with their thoughts and are constantly looking for distractions. They miss the magnificence of existence because they never lived to the present.

Is the situation hopeless? Can not do that. The fact is that the creator is always more important than the creation. Men created machines. Masters should not be slaves to machines. Today, if we let technology use us, the problem is with us, not technology. This reminds me of one of the things Mahatma Gandhi once said. If we are letting technology take advantage of us, it just proves that we are not in a state of wakefulness. Meditation can help you. This is also technology. The only difference is that technology brings peace to the material world, and meditation takes you on an inner journey that is essential to a healthy mind. And a sane mind, an enlightened mind, cannot be a slave to any machine or its machinations. A life coach and spiritual master, the author is the brain and soul behind the Science Divine Foundation – The Science of Divine Living (

Meditation can help you. This is also technology. The only difference is that technology brings peace to the material world, and meditation takes you on an inner journey that is essential to a healthy mind.