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Danville operators and owners paying a settlement in a Medicare claim case

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Danville, Virginia (WDBJ / US Law Firm)-Danville companies and their owners violated false claims and fraudulent law against taxpayers in Virginia by filing false invoices with Medicare and Medicade. I agreed to pay $ 310,000 to resolve the allegation.

Jacob Patterson, 66, in Danville, was a pharmacist and owned and operated the Piedmont Infusion Service, a pharmacy-based infusion center. According to a US law firm. The Piedmont Infusion Service did not hire “doctor extenders” such as doctors or helpers to provide patient care, said US lawyer Christopher R. Kavanau.

From 2013 to early 2018, Patterson and Piemonte’s infusion services “accidentally and deliberately billed Medicare and Medicaid for high-level office visits that simply did not occur,” the US law firm said. “They are consistently and improperly charged with CPT code 99215, which is an established patient assessment and that a physician or other qualified healthcare professional presents with moderate to severe severity problems. Appropriate only when providing control. To be appropriate, the appointment must include at least two of these three key elements: Comprehensive History, Comprehensive Inspection, And / or very complex medical decisions. Patterson and Piedmont Infusion Services did not provide this care to patients, and also had doctors and other qualified medical professionals to provide this care. I wasn’t hiring, so I couldn’t provide it properly. “

In addition to falsely claiming non-existent high-level office visits, U.S. lawyer Cabano said that Patterson and Piedmont Infusion Services deliberately and fraudulently and fraudulently charge Medike Apartment D for medicines already claimed. He said he had double-billed B.

“Providers that fraudulently charge Medicare ignore the basic requirements for participation in the program and try to raise taxpayer funds unfairly,” said Cabano. “Here we found that the ex-employees came out before and did not receive the care that Jacob Patterson and Piedmont Infusion Services claim to provide. They also paid by the government. I did not receive some of the medicines. Healthcare providers must be honest on behalf of the medicines and services offered and follow the rules set out to protect the safety of their patients. If not, it’s a scam. My office is liable to anyone who tries to trick American taxpayers into cutting corners at the risk of harming their patients. “

According to Cabano, a former employee of Piedmont came forward as a whistleblower to help the government investigate the case. For civil reconciliation, qui tam, Or the provisions of fraudulent claims against whistleblowers, Piedmont injection services and Patterson.under qui tam The provisions of the False Claims Act allow private organizations to file proceedings on behalf of the government and share the recovery.

“I’m proud of our excellent collaboration with the US law firm in Western Virginia and the Department of Health Care Services to combat the abuse of the Virginia Medicaid Program. Medicaid fraud is everywhere. Together, we are committed to holding the villain who abuses Virginia citizens accountable, “said Justice Secretary Jason Miyares.

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