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"Damage" Turn 15: Relive the most shocking moments of legal thrillers | Entertainment

However try To find a more innovative TV lawyer than Patty Hewes, Glenn Close’s character who switched between the protagonist and the adversary on the acclaimed TV show damage..

when damage It premiered on July 24, 2007, 15 years ago. She, like her disciple Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne), learned how ruthless Patty was.

But during the Legal Thriller’s five seasons (split between FX and the now obsolete audience network), Ellen leveled the competition and Patty began paying for her many wrongdoings. ..

And now, ten and a half years after the show’s debut, here damage The shocker we remember most.

Statue of Liberty kills David

OK, Statue of Liberty Bookend It was the weapon Hitman used in flashforward with Ellen’s fiancé David (Noah Bean). damage‘Series premiere. And even though Ellen was smeared with the blood of her love, she was finally released from his murder.

Patty killed the dog

Patty kills her uncle and fixer Pete (Tom Aldridge) an important witness dog to ensure women’s cooperation while filing a proceeding against user Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson) in Season 1. I was allowed to.

Fisuke dies of suicide

Rally Riley / FX Network / Provided by: Everett Collection

After Patty threatened Frobisher’s lawyer Ray Fisk (Jericho Ivanek), he shot himself deadly in her office. And his suicide has plagued Patty for years to come.

Patty orders Ellen to hit

At the end of Season 1, Ellen stayed at Patty’s place during the battle with David, and it was there that Hitman tried to kill her. Later it was discovered that Patty ordered a hit and her secret was to die with Ellen.

Ellen seems to have shot Patty

Damages Ellen Parsons' Rose Byrne

Barbara Nittoke / DirecTV / Provided by: Everett Collection

We spent many of Season 2’s flashforwards watching Ellen trigger, confessing that she had confessed that she had ordered a hit by pointing a gun at her in a hotel room and confronting Patty. .. I also saw a bloody patty stumbling from the elevator. However, Ellen actually pointed her gunshot at a federal camera so that she and Patty could speak personally, and Patty was bloody as she was stabbed by a potential witness.

Michael hits Patty in the car

Talk about family dysfunction! Patty’s relationship with his son Michael (Zachary Booth) hit the lowest point in Season 3 when he sent his much older girlfriend to jail for having sex with him before he was 18 years old. Reached. Michael thrust the car into Patty’s car and almost killed him. (He later died in the hands of Ellen’s assassin, who covered his footsteps.)

Patty admits that she has killed her baby

Damage Patty Hewes Glenn Close

Craig Blankenhorn / FX Network / Provided by: Everett Collection

At the end of Season 3, we learned that a young pregnant Patty was taking a long walk. I knew well that her doctor had urged her to stay at her rest. Her daughter was stillborn, which was Patty’s intention. She wanted to pursue her legal career without burdening her child.

Tom dies on the toilet bowl

The Season 3 finale also solved the season’s mystery about the death of Patty’s longtime right-hand man Tom Shades (Tate Donovan). His son Joe (Campbell Scott) drowned Tom in the bathroom when Patty filed a proceeding against Ponzi scheme Luis Tobin (Len Cariou).

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