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Customers saved during heat waves with GMP's energy storage program

Innovative battery program benefits all customers, reduces costs and carbon while strengthening the grid and increasing resilience

Vermont Business Magazine In the recent heat of the 90s when temperatures surged in many parts of Vermont and New England, Green Mountain Power (GMP) worked with customers to take advantage of innovative energy storage initiatives during peak hours. Reduced energy costs and carbon emissions. Extremely high temperature.

If last week was the peak of New England, GMP’s pioneering and growing network of home batteries will help reduce customer costs of about $ 1.2 million while reducing electricity demand during the heat wave. I did.

By returning that stored energy to the grid, GMP saves customers money by eliminating the need to purchase additional electricity from the regional grid during more expensive peak energy hours. GMP customers were not asked to reduce their power usage during this time. We were able to use unlimited energy needed to stay comfortable and safe in the heat.

GMP leveraged all the innovative devices it introduced to its customers, including home batteries, solar site grid-scale batteries, and carbon-reducing devices such as smart chargers for electric vehicles. Combining all of this with local renewables is equivalent to removing about 50,000 homes from the grid during peak hours.

“This is an important energy transformation that works in real time,” said Mari McClure, President and CEO of GMP. “We work with our customers to directly offset costs from the community while providing critical home and community-based resilience ready to respond to climate change.”

Already GMP’s industry-leading battery program has saved customers $ 3 million annually over the past few years. In addition, battery storage remains important as climate change causes extreme weather events in Vermont. GMP is also working on several resilience and system enhancement projects as part of its aggressive climate planning. This work will help the community prepare to face more and more violent storms. Programmatic storage in GMP also helps create more flexible grids that enable renewable energy in more regions.

“I love participating in GMP’s energy storage program because it helps everyone. It’s powered on during the storm, so it’s a year-round benefit. Also, my neighbors. It’s also useful for friends and friends, “said Lorrie Byrom of Pittsford, a GMP customer. “On hot days, I like to know that batteries can go back to the grid to reduce demand and reduce costs. Through sharing, innovation and great partners like GMP, we are making a difference in Vermont. . “

GMP is the first utility in the country to provide customers with a complete home battery program approved by regulators. Participants will have access to discounted household energy storage for seamless backup power during storms, and customers agree to share stored energy with all customers during peak energy hours. GMP’s programs include Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Enphase, and Powerwall programs, and GMP works with commercial customers to provide custom battery solutions for business.

About Green Mountain Power

Green Mountain Power serves approximately 270,000 residential and corporate customers in Vermont and partners with them to improve their lives and transform their communities. GMP offers solutions that reduce carbon and provide clean, affordable, always-on power. GMP is the world’s first utility certified by B Corp, which meets strict social, environmental, accountability and transparency standards and is committed to using the business as a good force. In 2022, GMP was named on TIME’s list of 100 most influential companies. Fast Company named GMP one of the top five most innovative companies in North America in 2022. GMP has also been spotlighted on Fast Company’s list of the world’s most innovative companies in the energy sector for the fourth consecutive year. SmartElectricPowerAlliance (SEPA) Awarded GMP as a national leader in energy transformation.

Colchester, Vermont – GMP 7.27.2022