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Customer Satisfaction Lessons Every Business Leader Should Follow

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the authors and do not reflect the views of the editors or publishers of Rolling Stone.

It’s true that customers who feel satisfied after interacting with your brand are more likely to become repeat customers and more likely to recommend your product or service to others with positive reviews and word of mouth. The opposite is also true. Unsatisfied customers also leave reviews, often not for free, but share these negative comments with other users.

Therefore, it is important for any business to ensure that their customers are happy and satisfied and come back. Her eight members of the Rolling Stone Culture Council share key lessons every business her leader should learn when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Learn how to meet customer needs

From the outset, it’s essential to understand the state of the need you’re trying to address. Data and analytical tools help us understand the core values ​​and attitudes of our target consumers, giving us the tools to communicate why and how our products and services meet their needs. Doing this work upfront creates the deeper engagement and satisfaction your customers deserve. – Michael Klein, Trees Corporation

Create a trusted client management team

Superior customer satisfaction comes from a reliable and well-oiled customer care team. Build rapport through social activities outside of work (e.g. client days off, training, philanthropy). This can lead to more information being shared and, ultimately, happy customers who feel comfortable sharing all their concerns and feedback. – Robbie March, BUMP

think like a customer

Think from your customer’s point of view, not yours. What do my customers need? What do my customers want? Then give it to them. Too many companies are pushing their bottom line so aggressively that it becomes obvious to their target audience. This is unattractive from the customer’s perspective and can ultimately drive the brand away. – Kate Rubenstein

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listen to customer concerns

One way to win customer satisfaction and trust is to be a good listener (as Dale Carnegie said). Every time we speak with our customers, we want to give them the opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn about what makes your customers happy and how you can change areas that your service or product may be lacking. – Joe Hart, Dale Carnegie & Associates

Be sure to follow up

A key component in building customer satisfaction is creating a follow-up process. If a customer makes a purchase, follow up with a ‘thank you’. If they create a help ticket, follow up and ask them how they rate your service. The more feedback and contacts we have, the more effective we will be at building great customer service. It also helps build customer loyalty. – KING HOLDER, PROCUSSION

Use data as a guide

In today’s data-driven, technology-first era, business leaders tend to rely on data and avoid talking to real people. Data is very important to our business practices. However, it doesn’t always tell the full story. Use data as a guide, not as the sole resource for decision making. – Amanda Drenberg, COMMB

always keep learning

Markets and customers are constantly changing. This means that as a marketer or business he, as a leader, must constantly learn new things and evolve with the times. Our cannabis and psychedelic marketing company has dedicated researchers who monitor and compile news weekly. – Evan Nison, NisonCo

Turn superior customer care into business value

Listening to the voice of the customer is a great lesson all business leaders should learn. Businesses are much more successful when they offer something of value in exchange for profit. The best companies value taking care of their customers, go to great lengths to do so, and earn their trust and positive reputation. – Christian Anderson (Trust’N), Lost Boy Entertainment LLC