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Cultivate a Winning Culture - Revelstoke Review

– Words by Chloe Sjuberg Photos by Lia Crowe

Gord Hayes For the past 13 years he has been Managing Director and General Manager of Kelowna BMW/MINI and has been in the automotive business since 1994. Over the years, he said, he has been dedicated to building high-performing teams and investing in team individuals. success.

In his late twenties, Gord lived in Calgary, running his own audit firm, giving personal training to clients, and competing in competitive bodybuilding events. However, he was not particularly happy with this career path.

“She asked me what I really wanted to do. What was my passion? It reminded me of how much I enjoyed buying and selling cars in high school and later in life.”

He got his first job in the automotive industry at Hyatt Saturn/Saab/GM in Calgary before moving to Summit Saturn/Saab as Business Manager. From there, he became a partner at several Edmonton dealers before moving to Kelowna to lead Saturn dealerships in 2006. When Saturn dissolved, he was offered the chance to run his BMW franchise and he has been there ever since.

Gord said the key to Kelowna BMW’s success is fostering a winning culture in all departments and helping people achieve their goals by “doing the right thing for both the client and the business.” I’m here.

“Surrounding yourself with winners is the recipe for success that I have lived with for years.”

He uses a hockey analogy to explain how the Kelowna BMW/MINI business model empowers team members. He says it’s very rewarding to see new team members get their personal game. It’s as if they move from his 3rd row to his 1st row and score in overtime during an important game!

When he’s not busy mentoring the team, Gord loves staying fit and spending time outside. He and Kim enjoy boating, golfing, and beach walks with their dogs Charlie and Kiera.

And as a lifelong car enthusiast with the BMW line-up at his fingertips, what does Gordo love to drive?

In the snowy season, of course I prefer a BMW X5 or X6 with winter tires. During the summer he enjoys driving his BMW 850 convertible.

“Occasionally it’s nice to drive an M product like the M4 or M5 and shake off the net a bit.”

seven deadly sins


Whose shoes do you want to walk in?

First and foremost, I want to feel comfortable walking in my own shoes. Often the grass on the other side proves not to be what you thought it was. You can adjust your speed with your own shoes, pick up your pace, and walk by shoes you think look better than the ones you already have.


What kind of food can you eat as many times as you want?

I love to cook, but what I enjoy most is food prepared with love by others. Meals and celebrations seem to go hand in hand with our families. My wife Kim makes the most amazing ribs and rice.


I was given a million dollars and I need to spend it

selfishly. what do you use it for?

A bigger boat, a faster sports car, or a down payment on a tropical paradise somewhere special on the beach.


pet pee?

People who procrastinate and delay others because they can’t make easy decisions, and people who get mad at others for things they can’t control, such as restaurant servers or airline ticket agents. People in line are forced to wait so they can vent their frustrations. !


Where do you spend most of your time doing nothing?

A day of doing nothing is best spent on a big boat or on a tropical beach.


What are you secretly proud of?

Seeing my “investment in people” yield real returns gives me a sense of personal pride. Taking the chance to hire someone who continues to exceed both their expectations and their own, and seeing them reach their full potential is a wonderful feeling that never gets old. It feels incredible now when I receive a phone call or an email from someone thanking me for taking care of me.


What makes your heart beat faster?

When you see a good idea that leads to strong execution, it exceeds initial expectations and eliminates any risk. I like to call this “WINNING!” Or create a “WIN-WIN”.

Article courtesy of Boulevard Magazine, a publication of Black Press Media

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