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Conyers donates $50,000 to SCSU Concert Choir

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South Carolina State University President Alexander Conyers recently awarded a $50,000 recurring scholarship to the university’s concert choir.

M. Evelyn Fields, Ph.D., Acting Dean of the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, said: “I appreciate President Konya’s dedication to the arts.”

The concert choir, the university’s premier choir and the primary vocal ensemble of the music program at South Carolina State University, is made up of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors with or without a music major. It has been.

The President donated scholarships from the Ready All to Do and Dare fundraising campaigns to mark SC’s 125th birthday in 2021.

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“Under the leadership of Dr. Rosetta Dingle, the Concert Choir is one of the most outstanding ambassadors of excellence for South Carolina State University,” said Conyers. “These voices lift our spirits on campus and contribute to the atmosphere of graduations, Founders’ Day celebrations and other important occasions.

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“It is my hope that these funds will help the School of Music grow, sustain, and ultimately graduate more performing arts students, and continue the meritorious tradition for which the choir is known. That’s it.

A concert choir is where students acquire the vocal performance skills and techniques necessary to teach music and perform in the music industry, as mandated by the National Association of Music Schools, the national accrediting body for music programs.

As a result, students perform music in a variety of vocal genres, such as cantatas, operas, arias, and musicals, as well as styles such as classical, jazz, gospel, and contemporary music. These performances are held each semester as fall and spring concerts on and off campus.

In addition, concert choirs participate in sponsored events that may be requested by choir alumni and other sponsoring organizations.

The SC State Concert Choir has a rich heritage of performing music locally, nationally and internationally. The concert choir has performed in locations as diverse as the east and west coasts of the United States, including New York, Illinois, California, and Florida. Performances by concert choirs have also been performed internationally in Canada, Mexico, Paris, London and elsewhere.

This scholarship award supports students with the aim of acquiring the necessary vocal skills and enabling concert choirs to continue the rich legacy of performing choral music with excellence around the world.

The SC State Concert Choir is an academic ensemble of music programs in the Visual and Performing Arts Department of the College of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences. has a new special: $1 for 26 weeks

All potential members must complete an audition to join the choir. We are accepting auditions for soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices. Students interested in participating in the Fall 2022 Concert Choir should contact the Department of Visual Arts at 803-536-7101 by August 15, 2022.