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COLUMN: Who is drawing the blueprint? | Sports

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Oh, there’s a lot more to say about what’s happening in big-time college football.

But first, get ready for the high competition in the new Baldwin-Putnam County on a competitive barbecue. This is followed by Lake Country’s latest bids for rock climbing state champions.

Yes, these two activities were specifically mentioned in the minutes of the Georgia High School Association Board of Directors on Monday. They are clearly part of a long list of activities called Emerging Sports. Is there an auto race on that list? What about MMA cage fighting and plain old boxing?

However, according to BOT, the GHSA calendar is (very) full as it is.

For players and pending super conferences, there is this move to simply call college football professional football in all these name, image and portrait deals. Well, if you just think of the National Football League as a pro, it’s 32 teams. There are 131 in the NCAA Division I Bowl Subdivision.

One Subtle Reminder: All of those college football programs are first looking for their own best interests. The same is true for meetings.

I’m not the one who connects myself to meetings. With 24 teams in the southeast, you won’t feel good about yourself as a true supporter of UGA. When Missouri joined the league, I was able to calm down. It’s a team championship in Olympic sports 10 years from now, but I’m still wondering what this second tiger set will add to the mix.

Sports teams, like leagues, are only as good as their competition. For some reason, that power wants to reduce those numbers.

Georgia’s Kirby Smart has the richest contracts in the history of sports. Only NFL level couples can now be smartly comparable in salary. One is, of course, Bill Belichick. This means that only a few teams can remotely accept that Georgia won’t win. One of them is Nick Saban, Alabama and the second salary coach.

Imagine if you were Brian Hersin of Auburn, Billy Napier in Florida for the first year, or Josh Hupel in Tennessee who knocked out Georgia for all past breaches in the first year of this record deal. Do you? Is it unreasonable for them to ask for a significant salary increase?

Hey, the new $ 90 million LSU boss, Brian Kelly, will have to fight Savan and Zimbo Fisher, not to mention Lane Kiffin, as long as the SEC division remains as it is.

Each of these coaches, whether super conference or not, is only interested in one. It’s the next game that will lead to the next victory. And only one can win it each year. As I said before, no matter what you say at the New York Yankees front office or the Alabama Booster Club, no one qualifies for the championship.

I analogized the upcoming college football landscape with the landscape of the new stadium under construction. The only difference is that there is a blueprint for the stadium. The future of sports is now a guessing game. How many members does a particular conference get, which conferences survive or don’t survive, and how do they all come together to win one national champion?

If they get together and instead crown their own champion, they can’t all claim to be the best in the game, the “national champion”.

Soon, the Little League World Series will be held in Pennsylvania. This may be the only event that deserves its title as it attracts teams from all over the world.

But then other more regional organizations gather champions from a few states and hit the “World Series” in the name of the tournament.

As I emphasized last week, there’s still a nasty little thing tagged with your favorite college team, that’s college. Soccer programs make up only a small part of the university campus population. But then I went to the University of Georgia, my nephew and niece both went to Georgia Southern, and everyone graduated, but we had an extra dime in Athens and Statesboro that wasn’t in the hands of our family. I don’t think it brought it.

There is no class schedule when you are in the NFL. There is no drama section or lecture series that has attracted the attention of school newspapers. Will the day come when NIL contracts will be as important (if not more) as high school transcripts in the admissions office?

Not all college players need to be Rhodes Scholars, but you should be able to combine the two words. Those I have known personally for over 30 years, have been able to do it, and have reached the highest level have succeeded, if not modestly (not necessarily all-American). Sadly, not all of them could, and couldn’t.