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College football preview: how the sport's direction hangs in the balance

For years, summer has been known as college football’s “chat season.” But the last two summers have also been a season of plunder, with major expansions for the Southeastern Conference and Big Ten at the expense of the Big 12 and Pac-12. That in turn influenced the nature of Talking Season.

These days, a conference commissioner’s speech is expected, scrutinized, and put on the backburner than a coach’s. With all-time highest earnings and all-time lowest cohesiveness, boardroom drama is more compelling than the actual game. The direction of the entire collegiate track and field business hinges on balance. This is more important than which team had the best offseason in the weight room.

We have now reached a restructuring lull. All conference commissioners have voiced their appreciation for the landscape. We’ve seen changes from SEC’s Greg Sankey and Big Ten’s Kevin Warren. We heard from Brett Jormak, the new Commissioner of the Big 12, about the brass tack business. There was a wistful, weak to some critics, pushback and perspective from ACC boss Jim Phillips. was given.

With chatter season over and poaching season on pause, where do we stand in college sports? Where will restructuring take us and where will we head in the future? The roundtable will address six issues.