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City Life Org-Media and Entertainment Mayor's Office Announces $ 2 Million Additional Grant to New York City Women's Fund for Media, Music and Theater

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The city’s total investment has increased to $ 7.5 million and was awarded to a women-led project

The fourth round of the application opens today at

The Media Entertainment Mayor’s Office (MOME) And that New York Arts Foundation (NYFA) We are proud to announce that our fourth round grant application is being accepted. New York Women’s Fund for Media, Music and Drama.. Qualified applicants can apply for a $ 2 million finishing grant by November 1, 2022 at

Since its inception in 2018, the NYC Women’s Fund Grant Program has been awarded $ 5.5 million to 246 film, theater and music projects by the New York FA acting as a grant manager. The NYC Women’s Fund is a signature initiative launched to address women’s underestimation in the entertainment industry.

“Women’s perspectives in the arts, media and entertainment industries are important to tell the rich and diverse stories of our city,” he said. New York Mayor Eric Adams.. “This additional $ 2 million in city funding for NYC Women’s Fund will take a huge leap towards leveling competition and ensuring that all creative platforms are available, regardless of gender. We look forward to this fourth round of application bringing great work to viewers in the city and around the world. “

“We have expanded our commitment to the NYC Women’s Fund to provide the fourth cycle of grants and ensure that more women-led creative projects receive the support they need to reach a wider audience. I am proud to be able to do it. ” Mayor of Anne del Castillo, Director of Media Entertainment.. “Now, more than ever, it is important to continue to raise the voice and perspective of women in order to improve gender equality and women’s leadership in the creative industries and beyond.”

“We are excited to continue our partnership with the Mayor of Media Entertainment and support creative activities to identify women through the NYC Women’s Fund,” he said. Michael Royce, Managing Director of the New York Arts Foundation (NYFA).. “We are proud to help media, music and theater makers realize projects that add new depth to New York City’s vibrant media and entertainment landscape,” he added. ..

The recent success of NYC Women’s Fund program participants is a testament to the quality of the applications received and their willingness to entertain projects. Film projects from previous grant recipients were seen by a total of more than 339,000 viewers, and movie, theater and music releases were featured at 99 premierees. The highlights of past winners are:

  • My romance with marriage: Fiction feature of this animation by cycle 2 recipients and Brooklyn residents Signe Baumane Tells an adult story about love and rebellion. The film will premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival and will be screened at the Annecy International Film Festival in France and the Guadalahara International Film Festival in Mexico.
  • Hidden kingdom: Cycle 2 receiver, Sunny facer When Jacqueline DavisCalling Brooklyn Home, this documentary web series was created to showcase five diverse dancers in New York and their surreal and personal stories. The series was screened at SXSW, Slam Dance Film Festival, Falcon Film Festival-UK, Big Apple Film Festival.
  • Intimate stranger: Cycle 2 Classic / Experiment / Jazz / New Music Recipients Sarasel PasantosThe album on the history of Portuguese colonialism in Africa was featured on the New York Times’ list of 2021 best jazz albums and Nation’s list of 2021 best albums. Santos lives in Manhattan.
  • nosebleed: Brooklyn Cycle 1 Recipients Aya Ogawa Co-starred with the Chocolate Factory Theater, performed at the Japan Society in 2021 and now at the Lincoln Center.
  • Specially treated American Me: 2022, Cycle 2 Recipients and Brooklyn Residents Jaime Sunwoo She performed her work at Dixon Place.
  • English: Manhattan’s Roundabout Theater Company partnered with the Atlantic Theater Company in 2022 to stage this play written by the recipients of the Cycle 2 Theater. Sanaz Toushi From Brooklyn.
  • Worker’s studio: This documentary web series based in Queens Sol AramendiIt was exhibited at the Queen’s Museum and the BRIC Housestoop, detailing how migrant women work together to lead change in the community.
  • I’m watching you: Bronx techno music theater work Kamala Sun ColumnExplore the impact of modern technology on privacy by mixing electronic dance music, criminal jazz, and lyrical opera arias.

A series of online information sessions is available to anyone interested in applying at

  • August 3 – Recorded Overview Video of NYC Women’s Fund
  • August 17th, 2:00 pm – Live Online Information Session for Music Category
  • September 7th, 2:00 pm – Live Online Information Session for Media Categories
  • September 28, 2:00 pm – Live Online Information Session for Theater Categories
  • October 12th, 5pm – Live Online Information Session on Application Budget and Timeline

Movies, theater, music, and web productions are eligible to fund the following categories (the amounts listed are the greatest potential grants):

  • Fiction feature (running time 60 minutes or more) – $ 50,000
  • Fiction short (running time less than 59 minutes) – $ 25,000
  • Fiction Web Sword / Web Series (All Forms) – $ 20,000
  • Documentary film (running time over 60 minutes) – $ 50,000
  • Documentary short story (running time less than 59 minutes) – $ 25,000
  • Documentary Web Sword / Web Series (all lengths and formats) – $ 20,000
  • Music – $ 20,000
  • Theatrical production – up to $ 50,000 in grants

Film, drama, webisode / web series projects include a female perspective to stand out, include a female director, include meaningful female producer credits, and / or female Eligible if the perspective and writing credits are prominently included. / Or include the female protagonist.

Projects covered by music grants include new EPs, albums and videos of unreleased works of all genres. The project should significantly include writing credits, producer credits, engineering credits, and / or women as music leaders. New York-based producers, composers, engineers, solo musicians, ensemble bands and orchestras who are not currently contracted with major labels can apply. Applicants must also have played multiple live shows, showing evidence of a growing fan base.

All recipients must be residents of New York. Actual or recognized gender, gender, gender identity or gender expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, beliefs, partnership status, marital status, disability, race, skin color, country of origin, alien, Anyone can apply and receive a grant, regardless of citizenship status, military status, or any other class protected by city, state, or federal law.

Applications and eligibility requirements are available at To sign up for the latest information on the fund, please visit the MOME website.Hashtags can be used #NYCWomensFund Join the conversation.