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Cincinnati celebrates black music and culture at the Walk of Fame entrance ceremony

Cincinnati celebrates black music and culture at the Walk of Fame entrance ceremony

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“Black music is the soundtrack to our culture and life. Its influence is unmatched.” The statement by celebrity pop culture personality Joan Murray is studded with special stars on July 23. Celebrity Black Music Walk of Fame Guidance and Dedication Tones have been set.

“Today we are global, but we are here to honor artists from here in Cincinnati,” said Murray, who co-sponsored the event.

Alicia Reece, Hamilton County Commissioner and founder of the Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame, is inside the Andrew Brady Music Center as she shares the story and influence of 2022 members, including pop artist Penny Proud and the R & B group. Only stood. Midnight star, rapper and hip-hop producer, high-tech and jazz guitarist Wilbert Longmeier. The 2022 class follows last year’s founders Bootsy Collins, Charles Ford, The Isley Brothers, and Otis Williams.

“We congratulate black music, artists and producers and not only entertain you, but also educate you about the influence of these artists with this cutting-edge fame,” Reese told Essence.

Alicia Reese (center), Procter & Gamble’s Damon Jones (left), and music executive LA Reid (right).Photo: Storie Teller Photo

The Walk of Fame project is a $ 20 million investment by Hamilton County, Ohio, and requires additional funding from the private sector.

Ford, the first woman to be inducted into the city’s Black Music Hall of Fame, was thrilled to say that she was honored to be honored for her many contributions to the music industry.

“I feel like I’m in a dream,” she said. “I’ve been to the top of the world, the bottom of the world, and the surroundings, but I can’t think of any more.
I want to call it home rather than Cincinnati … I’m very honored, “she said.

The entrance ceremony for the Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame took place over the weekend of the Cincinnati Music Festival and is back for the first time in two years for the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s headliners included Janet Jackson, Charlie Wilson and Toni. Tony! condition! etc.

The music festival started 60 years ago and is one of the largest festivals in the United States, attracting more than 90,000 people from all over the country along with top R & B, soul and hip hop artists. It has also generated $ 107 million in revenue for the region and is the largest annual driver of tourism in the Ohio region.

The new Black Music Walk of Fame is expected to be an important part of increasing tourism revenues in the city and educating people about the significant impact African Americans have had and will continue to have on the music industry.

This is a free family-friendly attraction with video content, a dance area, an interactive kiosk and an augmented reality experience.

“This will be a national and global tourist attraction where people around the world will see and understand the stories of our artists,” said the late mother, a national record artist and owned by the indies. Reese, who was his father, said. Record label.

Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval elaborated on the importance of that perception to black artists and as part of a larger celebration of the city’s black history.

“We don’t know where we’re going until we know where we are. Celebrating the rich history of Cynthinaty’s black music is important for us to continue to grow and progress in the future.” Pureval told Essence.

“The fact that visionary leader Alicia Reese was able to revitalize the entire community, lift those black artists from the past, and create more black artists for the future is all of us. Is important for how to succeed, “he said.

A total of eight stars were announced during a walk of fame in Ohai Oliver Bank, next to the Andrew Brady Music Center. These included the stars of the first enrollees in 2021. A total of 200 stars will be announced on the site over the next few years. The project is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2023 in time for next year’s Cincinnati Music Festival.

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