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China Daily series Youth Power invites Generation Z to bring cultural relics to life

Beijing, July 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Encouraging Gen Z to delve into history China The second episode of Season 2 of the China Daily series uses their wisdom to bring cultural heritage to life. youth power“Chinese Civilization: Generation A Meets Generation Z” was broadcast online July 30th.

In the episode China, France When usa Gather at Henan Museum Henan state, central Chinaexplores treasures passed down through generations and draws lessons from them for the modern world.

Chinese The civilization is one of the four great civilizations, and it is also the only extant civilization.” China“It brought so many technologies to the world, such as gunpowder, printing, and papermaking.”

One of the museum items that surprised him was an 8,000-year-old bone flute.

Gen Z who gathered at the museum said they believed it was important for young people to learn about the history and origins of their own cultures in the age of globalization. They discussed the growing appreciation of Chinese traditional culture, the pros and cons of turning ancient relics into cultural and creative products, and the reasons for the vitality of Chinese civilization. They also discussed whether cultural properties lost overseas should be returned to Japan. China.

“In the 1920s, the Tianlongshan Grottoes suffered extensive excavations,” says Luan Kexing, a doctoral candidate at the Museum of Archaeology at Peking University. “More than 240 statues were stolen. Almost all the heads and bodies of the statues were taken away and transported out of the country.
However, after about a century abroad, the statue was finally returned to Japan. ChinaHe said.

“By allowing more people in other countries to see our cultural relics and feel our culture, we can globalize Chinese culture and strengthen its international influence. This can be achieved through the regulated exchange of cultural relics instead of the unregulated movement of artifacts.”

Jennifer Courtney Holstein, Age 26, From usasaid it was sad that the cultural heritage was lost China.

“In the case of a summer residence, Beijing, many things were “lost”, stolen or looted. So much has been destroyed or taken away that it is impossible to imagine what it once looked like. ”

“Now that we know what bad things have happened so far, we should do everything we can to prevent it from happening again,” said program host Zhong Yutong.

Aiming to ensure that these memories become part of contemporary thinking, he encouraged Gen Z to express their ideas of breathing new life into historical relics.

Through story, music and dance, Generation Z brings the relics of the Henan Museum to life and tells the stories of the past. One of the invitees, Mr. Wang Licheng, 17, created a song related to the museum’s cultural relics after being exposed to different stories and exploring culture.

“I was inspired by the relic itself and the information on the wall that came with it,” Wang said. “I didn’t know what it all meant. There were some expressions and characters that I didn’t understand, so I felt like I wasn’t completely Chinese.”

17-year-old Chen Shihua, about to begin her college career at Peking University, performed a dance from the show “Poetry Dance: A Journey of Legendary Landscape Paintings”, a reinterpretation of the famous artwork “Mountains and Panoramic Panorama” . River”.

“This performance showcased the aesthetic values ​​and classical beauty of the Song Dynasty,” Chen said. “Traditional classical beauty China It occupies a very important position in today’s world. And we need to cherish that beauty. ”

Chang Yoonalumni of the University of Communication China of Beijing The author of the illustration series “Guardian” shared the inspiration for her creation of representing the traditional culture of the Miao people in the form of paintings.

“It is a unique form of artistic expression that reflects the spiritual beliefs and philosophies of all ancient ethnic groups. China.”

Mr. Zhang said he would like to further explore all kinds of traditional culture in China. China I hope to introduce it to young people around the world, and through it, they will be able to better understand and appreciate Chinese culture.

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