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Chandler Travis Philharmonic Orchestra Brings Fun and Music To Zoetropolis Tonight | Entertainment

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I I’ve always wanted to be on one of Waffle House’s records. that is One of my lifetime goals. “

that is In some ways, Chandler Travis has achieved many goals in his decades as a musician. He Toured with everyone from Charles Mingus to Green day, and Few lives can say that Bruce Springsteen opened up for him for a four-day run at Main Point in Bryn Maa while Travis was playing with his first duo, Travis & Shook. I am one of those people who are

These days, Travis has played in a variety of bands, including his 8-piece “Omni Pop” outfit, the massive and in-charge Chandler Travis Philharmonic.the band is in town at Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse on Thursday, August 4th. The show will be Travis’ first show in the region since his 2018. Tickets are $15.

At 72, Travis has a lot to look back on. Based in Cape Cod, Travis is not only incredibly active musically, but he also regularly has a variety of projects bearing his name. cross and melt into each other. In addition to the Philharmonic Orchestra, Travis has also performed with bands such as The Incredibles His Casuals, The Catbirds and Chandler His Travis “Three Os”. Can not Dispute enough band members.

“I like to surprise people, but of course it’s harder when we’re lesser known, right?” says Travis. “So you a kind of Have To establish Something first before doing anything different. That said, we do our best to surprise people, even if they don’t expect it at all. you I’m just trying to put some light on people’s faces. “

In a way similar to his musician brother in NRBQ, Travis seems to be able to play. Seemingly anything A genre of music filled with humor or pathos or both, all in the same set. Perhaps confusing for people in crowds checking their watches, but for true fans of music, the spontaneity of a big band filled with ace musicians is thrilling. It’s easy to partially self-deprecate the concept.

“I think my fault was spontaneity,” says Travis. “I It was in my heart and mind and so on, so I was always impulsive and just throwing things away. I still love the idea of ​​recording something on Monday and releasing it on Thursday. you You shouldn’t. With the internet you can do that.Same thing live, I play song long ago we because they learned you when I jumped about them They are I just want to know new songs this is It’s hard not to dive in. “

Travis has recently released recordings from his vast music vault on his Bandcamp page, while trying to self-isolate in the department by stockpiling songs over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. These albums ranged from the rare massive Incredible Casuals compilation to his Philharmonic album titled “The Ivan Variations” where Travis and his band took one of his songs and spun off 12 different versions. range.

“We did a gig on Groundhog Day and the drummer said,“why Isn’t it just playing the same song over and over?” says Travis. “Somehow it got into me Noggin And we did it. There was a song called “Ivan in Paris”. Several method, and we We ended up with 18 or 20 different arrangements. “

Travis said he plans to make music until it’s physically complete. Can not No longer will he start slowing down his tour operations when he starts to “slow down there”. but, if, when he does hell During Cape Cod’s busy season, which spans the warmer months, they still put on 5-7 shows a week.

“For most of the year (Cape Cods) It is not crowded and very mellow, this is Adorable,” says Travis. “i like that this is totally 2 another placewhich blend to music. We work like hell during the summer and then not much the rest of the year. this is some different lives, i.e. really fun, actually. “

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What: Chandler Travis Philharmonic

When: Thursday, August 4, 7:30 PM

Where: Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse, 112 N. Water St.