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Cardinal joins the trend of black helmets

Black is the new black. At least in the NFL.

The NFL has given a green light to teams playing in alternative helmets in addition to this season’s alternative uniforms. The rule change announced in 2021 overturns the long-standing policy of banning multiple helmets under the heading Player Safety.

Teams no longer need to mix and match throwback threads with modern lids. Several teams have announced new helmets this offseason. Teams like the New England Patriots have revived a retro option that is popular with fans. On the other hand, others are clearly dark. Whatever the route, it makes marketing sense for the team to arouse interest in the off-season while at the same time offering yet another gear to fans with disposable income.

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Let’s take a look at the teams playing with alternative helmets in some games in the 2022 season.

Cardinal goes to “Galaxy Black”

Arizona Cardinals participated in the Blackout Party on July 24th with the announcement of a “Galaxy Black” helmet with “red granite spots”. ..

The Cardinal will wear a new helmet in three games this season.

Kyler Murray has a new contract and a new helmet in 2022. (Emilytin / Getty Images)

The bear turns orange

Bears also announced a new helmet on July 24th, but took a distinctly different route than the Cardinals. They also avoid the look of throwback. Instead, they bring the trim from their standard gear to the forefront and go see me clearly with a bright orange lid.

They will be paired with an orange jersey that will definitely stand out in the October 13th and October 30th matches between the Washington Commanders and the Dallas Cowboys.

White tiger debuting in Cincinnati

A new era of victory in Cincinnati. Bengali are not shy about it. They announced the long-awaited debut of the White Bengal Tiger Look on July 22nd.

The helmet will probably be paired with a white uniform to complete the look. It is not clear when they will debut. Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase will surely look good in doing so.

Jet goes into stealth mode

For the 2022 season, Jets has unveiled a black matte helmet decorated with the dark green Jets logo, which may be difficult to detect from a distance. If so, it matches the stealth fighter theme they are aiming for. They wear them against the Patriots on October 30th, against Bears on November 27th, and against Jaguar on December 22nd.

Eagles balk at Kelly Green

The Eagles missed the chance to return to Randall Cunningham’s Kelly Green and favored a rather uninteresting shiny black helmet to combine with the black uniform. why? The Eagles wore black and won twice in 2021. This was a non-stimulating choice and I missed a chance.

Fortunately, Kelly Green will be back in 2023.

Cowboy calls back in the 1960s

The Dallas Cowboys are clearly retro, as they seem to have been a star and easy decision. On July 21, they announced the resurrection of the blue star and striped white shell helmet associated with the Don Meredith quarterback team of the 1960s.

They will probably be paired with matching white and blue throwback uniforms and featured in a Thanksgiving match against the New York Giants.

Giants look back on LT day

Speaking of Giants, they are also on a slightly more modern, throwback route. They gave Lawrence Taylor a classic blue uniform and a “Giant” engraved helmet associated with the glorious days of the 1980s and early 90s of the franchise, which claimed the victory of the two Super Bowls under Bill Parcells. I invited you to reintroduce it. thank you. They wear them against the Bears on October 2nd and against the Commanders on December 4th. This is the other two franchises related to that era.

Panther turns black naturally

Carolina Panthers jumps on a dark train and unveils a black helmet and jersey combo for the 2022 season. The look makes the most sense here because they are panthers and everything. They will make their debut on Thursday night in their home game against rival Atlanta Falcons on November 10.

Texans enjoy red

The Texans don’t have much history to look back on. I didn’t make my debut until 2002. That’s why it has a modern look, including a bright red helmet that the franchise describes as “the most important uniform change.” The Texans call its appearance “Battle Red” and will face the Philadelphia Eagles on November 3rd.

New England Revives Pat Patriot

Given the opportunity, the patriot made a simple and clearly correct decision. Like the Cowboys and Giants, they went throwback. Patriot has returned to the fan-based joy that has been completely spoiled since he first retired.

The Patriots have revived a white helmet with the Patriots logo and paired it with a classic red uniform. Gear represents the darker pre-Blady / Belichick era of New England football, which has nothing to do with victory. Nevertheless, it continues to be loved. New England initially did not announce the date Patriot Pat would return.

Saints All-in-Black Trend

Like many of their NFL brothers, New Orleans Saints are adopting black helmets with their newly found freedom. If not, it’s clear-its interesting choice that naturally fits into their gold and black color scheme. An alternative — some kind of purple / yellow / green kingcake monster — wouldn’t be pretty.

Falcon looks back at the red helmet

Peregrine falcons are taking the retreat route as much as possible. Playing against the San Francisco 49ers on October 16, the Falcons will wear a red helmet dating back to the franchise’s 1966 debut season. The Falcons are most associated with the black look adopted during the Jerry Granville era in the early 1990s. But old-fashioned fans have seen them wear red for decades. The red lid blends nicely with the throwback black jersey of the 1960s.

Commander apparently does not go on the throwback route

The Washington Commanders unveiled an alternative black helmet with the jersey number logo in February when they revealed they were commanders. Like almost everything else related to reboots, they’re fine. They avoided the throwback look for obvious reasons.