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Cancellation culture is rampant at newly merged HBO, and Warner Bros. is no exception.Alex Clark

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T.This is a wonderful novel by Japanese author Yoko Ogawa. memory policedepicts an island community living under a bizarre form of oppression. Sometimes something is taken away: photos, rose petals, hats. Not only do objects disappear, but all references, memories, and language associated with them.

It reminded me of last week when reports spread that streaming platform HBO Max was removing titles from its catalog following a merger with Discovery+. Have we been in a beautiful and thought-provoking allegory of cultural authoritarianism? Vinyl, American Pickles When witches they themselves would have been silent. As it stands, this is just a business, and some of them are still popping up elsewhere today.

The star of bat girlTheir efforts were definitively denied by Warner Bros., which included Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton and Brendan Fraser, but merged with Discovery+ in April. .

By chance, I was reading about Portuguese dictator Antonio Salazar. Salazar had been ill for two years before his death in 1970, leaving him severely incapacitated. Instead of telling him he was no longer in charge, his inner circle kept the fiction that his reign held: if Warner did the same, would he have killed the Brothers?

repressed cat

Hector’s original home. Photo: undefined/BBC

I didn’t have a cat until I was over 50 and lived in the country, and that happened too. According to a letter left by the previous owner of our house, a ginger cat named Hector would drop by from time to time and liked the leftover food. Hector has been with us for several years.

Black and white Zsa Zsa joined her shortly before the pandemic hit. People of a certain age can recognize the names of antique children’s TV shows. hector’s house, dogs, cats and frogs pottered around the garden together. Being French and inspired by a Jacques Tati movie, it was pretty weird. For example, Kiki the Frog is a meteorologist.

We recently got Kiki, a tiger kitten. It is now considered male. Hector, who is now completely blind, doesn’t care. ZsaZsa, by no means the most bludgeonable, is now more frustrated by a torn cruciate ligament, but is somewhere between resentful betrayal and free attack.

Every morning, I ham-wrapped blood pressure medicine for Hector and persuaded ZsaZsa to soothe her juvenile arthritis and prevent a perfectly healthy kitten from ingesting any of the foul-smelling concoctions. I have to give you something to drink. “I’m not a cat person,” I mutter.

One afternoon, as I was playing with Dahlia, I saw Kiki precariously balancing on a narrow window ledge on the ground floor. “There’s a lot more of this. I’ll join you,” I told him as we went to get the stepladder.

fever pitch

Marcelo poses with the Champions League trophy over a fountain with confetti falling around him
Changes to the timing of soccer’s big championships give players less time to work on their tattoos. On holding the trophy with Real Madrid captain Marcelo in May 2022. Photo: Sergio Perez/EPA

Everyone in my world, seemingly from a cascade of absentee responses, is on vacation except for the freelancers picking up scraps. Their schedule will start earlier as the Qatar World Cup will be thrown in the middle of the European season. The Champions League is coming in the fall and new rules regarding substitutions mean more men on the pitch. As a result, golf tournaments have been shortened, new clothing items have been launched, and elaborate tattoo “sleeves” have been inked. Attention public sector workers in need. This fight is not yours alone.

Alex Clark is a columnist for The Observer and Guardian