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Canada Provincial Candidate Program: Four Provinces Announce PNP Lottery Results

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Four Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario) have announced their Provincial Candidate Program (PNP) lottery results.

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If a PNP applicant with an Express Entry profile is nominated, their CRS score will increase by 600 points. You will also be eligible to be invited to submit applications for a series of invitations exclusive to the PNP.

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With the exception of Quebec and Nunavut, most Canadian provinces and territories operate their own PNPs. Interested candidates may receive an invitation to submit an application for state endorsement from these programs.

british columbia

The British Columbia Provincial Candidate Program (BC PNP) held its latest invitation on July 26th. In these drawings, more than 183 candidates were sent invitations to submit state nomination applications. On July 14, British Columbia declared that the BC PNP Entrepreneur Base category would not be suspended for his year.

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From these individuals, 147 people, including those in the technology industry, were selected by public lottery. These applicants must meet the requirements for either the Express Entry BC or Skilled Immigration categories administered by the Skilled and Immigrant Registration System (SIRS) of British Columbia. Invited candidates had to receive at least 78 points.


The results of the July 21st and July 28th invitational rounds were announced by the Saskatchewan Immigrant Candidates Program (SINP). The largest drawing of 2022, in which 802 applicants were invited to submit their state nomination applications, took place on July 21. In response to the current crisis, the state has issued invitations to her 797 express her entry applicants and her five Ukrainian citizens.

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After the July 28 drawing, 748 applicants were called upon to apply for state nomination. Of these, 279 invitations were sent to Express Entry applicants and 469 to applicants in the In-Demand Occupation category. Her weekly PNP draw is taking place in Saskatchewan in his July. It is different from the usual monthly schedule.


On July 28, Manitoba held its Provincial Nominations Program (MPNP) drawing and sent out 355 invitations. Three immigrant streams received invitations: International Education Streams (15 invitations), Overseas Skilled Labor (299 invitations with a minimum score of 726), and Manitoba Skilled Labor (minimum score of 726). 299 invitations on 693). (41 invitations with no score requirement). Of the total number of applicants invited, 56 had profiles in her Express Entry system.


Two applicants for the Economic Liquidity Pathway Project received invitations from the Ontario Immigrant Candidates Program on July 27. The program aims to use current economic initiatives to facilitate the entry of eligible refugees into Canada.

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