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Can DeSantis win a national cultural war if Trump's star declines or becomes a supernova?

Ron DeSantis seems to have won a cultural war in his home state, but it’s helpful to note that Florida’s parliament is controlled by the Republicans. There’s more and more news, as recent as yesterday that Donald Trump may not be a Republican presidential candidate. Consider the HUFFPOST lead story.

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It’s not that important, but it’s the news that deserves attention.

At the time of writing this article, take a look at the titles of the top three RAW STORY articles.

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All this recent news about Trump’s problem could be that his star is declining, like a television star, or in other words, his star has become a supernova, like astronomy. The conclusion is that it may be. If Trump was a later kind of star to extend the analogy, he would probably shrink to a white dwarf and find that the next step would be an explosion into his meaninglessness. If this happened and he was driven into cosmic dust, he would rarely be a shoe-in for a Republican nomination. In this case, there is a crazy scramble to take over his front runner status.

DeSantis is ready to become a leading candidate, although there are some other Republican presidential candidates that can be trusted, as explained by the most knowledgeable experts.

This is part of what the Grio contributor editor Sophia A. Nelson had to say about him in a February 2022 article. What’s wrong with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis?

Opinion: Governor of Florida, a potential 2024 presidential candidate, has been on the path of a proverbial war against everything from bans Obligations for masks and vaccines Teaching of critical race theory to curb voting rights.

I know I’m asking quite a lot of questions. But that’s what I was desperately looking for an answer. Florida is off the chain: Neo-Nazi rally, Anti-CRT sentiment, Discussion about book bans, Prohibition of vaccine and mask obligations When Attack on voting rights And a fair election. But worse than the state itself is a young governor with legal education at Yale and Harvard. Ron DeSantis..

The Governor of Florida, well, has been on the path of a proverbial war against everything.

It is no exaggeration to say that “everything” means that DeSantis is devoted to fighting cultural wars in every way.

As others have pointed out, she has more DeSantis Palatable, A less discomforting version of Donald Trump. She writes:

What to call it: Governor DeSantis is Trump Light. He’s probably even worse. why? Because, unlike Trump, he isn’t really involved in the hyperbolic insults, aggressive racism, and animus that Trump does. He is smart. Smoother. Slicker. He jokes. He positions himself as an advocate of freedom and personal freedom, all the while suppressing them.

Consider a poll showing that most Americans are in favor. A recent poll showed that 71% of the country’s new highs favored same-sex marriage, and a January poll showed that a small percentage favored voting reform. ..More than half of Americans believe that whites in the United States have benefits based on skin color, and 75% believe that public schools should teach about racial inequality.

All this assumes that DeSantis will not only run for Republican, but also win the governor’s election with Democrat Charlie Crist. Recent news suggests that this is not the case. This is not certain.


If DeSantis loses in Florida, it will hurt his chances in the Republican primary, but it’s not necessarily the secret to his death.

The question I have is whether Florida is representative of other states enough to enable candidates running in a cultural war. Suppression in a state where they can pull this off.


We all have a sense of what the cultural war is fighting in the United States, but here’s an explanation of what the term itself from Wikipedia means:

A Cultural war teeth Cultural conflict Between social groups and struggles Dominance their valueBeliefs, and practices.[1] It generally has general social disagreements, polarization In social values. This term is commonly used to describe the “hot button” problem of modern politics in the United States.[2] These include: Wedge problem like that abortion, Homosexuality, Transgender rights, Porn, Multiculturalism, Racism Other cultural conflicts based on values, moralWhen Lifestyle Described as a major Political division.

This is their section on US cultural warfare from 2014 to the present.



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