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Can Bryan Danielson's return really attract AEW Dynamite?

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Bryan Danielson has announced that he has returned to AEW action at the San Diego Comic-Con. What if the revelation doesn’t move the dynamite needle?

Bryan Danielson AEW If it’s a San Diego Comic-Con and it doesn’t bring fans Wednesday night dynamite It’s hard to imagine what would happen in the crowd. All elites have also built up expectations for Danielson’s in-ring comeback. ROH Death before disgrace Pay-per-view. The company also has two days to get the social media talk about the match against Daniel Garcia.In other words, the episode on July 27 is dynamite Must be a highly rated program.

American Dragon has been inactive since May 29th. I don’t know exactly when he was injured, but he seems to have been in a chaotic hardcore Anarchy in the Arena match. AEW’s view is that Garcia hurt Brian during the battle. That’s why the two are set up to fight. dynamite. It’s undeniable that Danielson is a true wrestling star, but how much he will move the hands on Thursday will be revealed when those numbers are released.

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It’s hard to find a wrestler who can encourage thousands of people to sit and watch TV shows. WWE has put endless energy and money into trying to make Roman Reigns a top draw. And even he doesn’t bring huge ratings whenever he’s on TV. It’s not about knocking on the tribal chief. Very few megastars remain in the wrestling business. Again, it’s undeniable that Danielson is a great performer and star, but AEW knows how big a draw he can be. dynamite. It’s an excellent card overall and deserves a borderline pay-per-view, but Danielson’s return match will be the focus of relapsed fans.

Tony Khan talked several times about what adding stars like Danielson and CM Punk means to the number of AEWs. Pay-per-view purchases continue to rise, but weekly TV shows —dynamite When Friday night rampage —It seems that we are stuck in terms of growth. Fans have more ways to listen to wrestling shows than ever before, but it’s still important to advertisers and TV executives. If Danielson announces his return to AEW and can add a significant number of eyeballs to the product, it’s a great sign that he’s still a real needle mover.

Of course, it puts a lot of pressure on one performer. No man or woman is promoting wrestling these days, but understanding who can actually draw what is AEWContinuous growth. Fans need to know that Danielson is watching the numbers carefully as he returns to the long-awaited wrestling ring, as Tony Khan is already dialing in stats and data.

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