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Boeing Defense Astronaut Starts Strike

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Members of the International Mechanics Association will strike at 12:01 CST on August 1st. The factories are located in St. Louis, Missouri, St. Charles, and Mascoutah, Illinois.

“Our members spoke loudly and in a single voice,” said a statement from the union. “The company continues to earn billions of dollars each year behind hard-working members. Boeing had previously removed pensions from its members, but now the company properly fits its members’ 401 (k) plans. I don’t want to be compensated. Please allow this company to endanger the hard-earned retirement of our members. “

Boeing has issued a statement that it was “disappointed” with a vote rejecting what is called a “strong and competitive offer.” According to the company, the offer matched up to 10% of the worker’s base dollar-to-dollar and incentive payments for 401 (k) contributions. Boeing also offered to make a special contribution of 2% of the worker’s wages in 2023 and 2024 to provide a match for the worker’s children’s student loan payments.

“We are activating our emergency response plans to help continue our business in the event of a strike,” the company said in a statement.

According to the company’s offer website, the proposed three-year agreement would have raised average wages by 7.2% in the first year of the deal, in addition to giving workers a $ 1,000 cash bonus. According to Boeing, workers would have increased by 4% in the second year and by 3% in the third year.

Boeing has each suffered serious losses over the last three years, with a total net loss of $ 18.1 billion since its inception in 2019. However, these losses were primarily related to the commercial aviation business, which was hit by the 737 Max’s 20-month ground contact. It began in March 2019, following two fatal crashes and a sharp decline in demand for air travel due to a pandemic.
The company’s defense, space and security business units have each made $ 1.5 billion over the last two years. However, Boeing was 922,900 in defense operations in the first quarter of this year, after many special costs, including $ 660 million associated with the refurbishment of two 747 jets used as those of the new Air Force. Reported a loss of $ 10,000.
Strike voting, and even strike deadlines, do not necessarily mean that there is a suspension of work. However, as the number of walkouts increased last year, workers are taking a more tough stance in the bargaining table in the face of high inflation that wipes out rising wages offered by employers.

According to Cornell University data, there were 153 US strikes involving about 73,500 workers in the first five months of this year, and 78 strikes involving about 22,500 workers during the same period last year. Increased from the strike.

Regular workers in some companies continue to strike even after union leaders have reached a tentative offer with their employers.

That was not the case in this vote. Members voted for and rejected the company’s best and final proposal. According to machinist spokesman De Lane Adams, union leadership recommended members to vote against. The union did not show the exact total number of votes, but strike approval usually passes overwhelmingly.