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Board of Education holds special board

Fremont Public School recently held a special board of education meeting.

The Board of Education held a work session aimed at formulating the board / district goals that will be the foundation for the next four years. The current goals of the Board of Directors are:
1. Recruiting, training and retaining employees
2. Evaluation and improvement of learning environment
3. Student achievements
4. Career Technology Education Initiative
5. School and community climate / culture
6. Budget and financial strategy
7. Community involvement

The January work session and the 2021-22 academic year board meeting announced progress towards achieving these goals.

Sandi Proskovec, Chairman of the Board of Education, said:

The January work session, led by Keith Lower, provided a background to the work that the three boards of the board have been working on.

“Tonight was an opportunity to update the entire board of directors on the work of the committee to ensure progress towards finalizing the goals,” said FPS director Mark Sheppard. “I was designed to support the district’s finances during the passage of bond issuance, the continued development of career technology education centers, and uncertain economic conditions, meet students where they are, and keep them moving forward. It was a big job to keep coordinating our education and learning strategies. “

“Much has been achieved in the last eight years, but there is still work to be done,” said Terry Sorensen, Vice President of the Board of Education. “Dr. Rohwer has guided us through the process of identifying the challenges facing the school district and the opportunities presented to address these challenges.”

The goals for the next round of the board will be reduced to three or four, and the remaining initiatives will move into operational / maintenance mode.

The identified priorities are:
1. Recruiting, training and retaining employees
2. Student achievements
3. School and community climate / culture / engagement

“The challenges associated with staffing are real and are felt across the region in all areas,” said board member Pam Murphy. “We are competing with other local businesses for employees, and the lack of teachers we read elsewhere is a reality, affecting our ability to hire professional staff.”

The goal associated with talent development is to identify strategies for recruiting and positioning districts to remain competitive in attracting and retaining talent.

Student performance remains a top priority for the school district. Over the past few years to deal with the 2019 floods and pandemics, we have focused on meeting the educational needs of our students, while at the same time providing a lot of support in many other areas of basic needs.

Continuing to foster a culture of parental involvement and collaboration with students, parents, teachers, government and school boards remains a priority. Some of the identified strategies include the establishment of key advisory committees at each school and student surveys.
Staff and parents process their opinions and adjust our practices based on the results.

Other areas of transition to operational and maintenance mode include budget and financial strategies, career technology education initiatives, and district facility evaluation / improvement.

The adoption of the Board’s goals is scheduled for this fall, along with a two-year review of the four-year goals to be implemented in 2024.

In other projects, the bid for the Renihan Indoor Air Quality Project was approved and read aloud on July 22nd. Dr. Anderson has submitted the only basic bid of $ 2,843,000.000.

The school board approves basic and alternative bids # 2 for $ 18,750.00, with a total construction cost
$ 2,861,750.00.