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Bion's new technology makes beef sustainable and profitable for cattle breeders and ranchers

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New York, July 25, 2022 / PRNewswire /-Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc. (OTC QB: BNET), a developer of advanced livestock waste treatment technology that dramatically reduces environmental impact and recovers valuable resources, sustains 15,000 heads. Announcing an agreement with Ribbonwire Ranch to build a possible head.Beef cattle feeding work in Dalhart, Texas.. The facility includes an innovative barn system, an anaerobic digester, and Bion’s state-of-the-art waste treatment technology.

Bion and Ribbonwire will work together to create a definitive joint venture this fall, ready to proceed with planning and start construction. Dal Heart Sustainable beef facility in 2023. The LOI contains provisions that allow you to extend your project into four phases. This equates to a production capacity of 60,000 or an annual production of 180,000. Bion expects a formal agreement with its food service and retail customers over the next few months.

The Dal Heart The facility produces blockchain-validated sustainable beef to reduce stress on cattle caused by extreme weather and temperature, while at the same time environmental impact associated with cattle intensive livestock management (CAFO). Developed to improve. Bion’s patented technology refines waste streams into valuable by-products such as clean water, renewable natural gas (RNG) and organic fertilizer products. The revenue generated from these new product lines will transform cattle breeders from slightly profitable to profitable businesses.

Chad Scuno Bar Ribbonwire Ranch co-founder said, “We are excited to partner with Bion on this early system. This could change the industry. This new approach captures what’s lost, but not. It can provide a humane environment. It pollutes air, water and land. “Doug lathe“We are proud to be working on a better way to feed cattle, which allows children and grandchildren to live in the area for generations,” said Ribbon Wire co-founder. , You will be able to work. “

Bill O’NeillBion’s CEO thanked Ribbonwire for recognizing this opportunity and wanting to be part of it. “We are fortunate to work with visionary people like Ribbonwire Ranch. We recognize that this announcement is only the first step towards sustainable beef, but it is sustainable for consumers. This is an important step towards providing a good beef. Want them And it helps cattle breeders and growers create more value in their cattle. Also important is the fact that waste streams do not pollute air, land and water, and in the process verify their improvements. “

About Ribbon Wire Ranch: Ribbon Wire Texas A pan handle that operates on approximately 40,000 acres of organically certified grazing land. Its affiliated company, lathe The farm operates +/- 10,000 acres of farmland, of which approximately 70% are certified organic.This is considered the largest organic cow / calf surgery in Texas..With the ribbon wire principal lathe Combining over 50 years of knowledge and experience, we grow feed and produce organic cattle.

About Bion: Bion’s patented third-generation technology is designed to significantly reduce the environmental impact of large-scale livestock production and provide consumers with USDA-certified sustainable products. .. The platform simultaneously recovers high-value, eco-friendly fertilizer by-products and renewable energy that increase profits. Bion’s 3G Tech platform paves the way for economic and environmental sustainability and at least enjoys the benefits of a “win-win” in the premium sector. $ 175 billion US livestock industry and consumers. For more information, please visit the Bion website (

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Source Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc.