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Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” tops Spotify and Apple Music charts, garners rave reviews

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It seems that Queen Bey still reigns.

Beyoncé has garnered rave reviews for her album Renaissance, which released on Friday and has already been hailed as “the most talked about release of the year.”

That’s mostly because she’s Beyoncé, a $450 million artist who has already sold over 100 million records. Besides, she hasn’t released her studio album since her 2016 “Lemonade,” so her fans are pretty thirsty. So it’s no surprise that “Beyoncé” trended on her Twitter TWTR.
For most of Friday, “Renaissance” and its song titles have been trending on Twitter in the US for the album’s release.

But “Renaissance” has already generated some controversy. Kelis, an artist best known for her 2003 single “Milkshake”, accused Beyoncé of not asking permission to sample her song featured on the album. Some have noted that “Break My Soul” didn’t exactly receive the chart-breaking response it received (it only reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart).

However, the rest of the tracklist generated a lot of buzz on the day of the album’s release.
Friday’s Music’s Top Albums chart and several “Renaissance” songs, including “I’m That Girl,” “Alien Superstar,” and “Cozy,” dominated the Top Songs chart. And the closing “Summer Renaissance” won the 1st place on Spotify SPOT,
Today’s Top Hits playlist will also appear later in the day.

Still, her BeyHive fan base is eager for new music. Also, a sample of leading reviews suggests that Beyonce delivered.

The Washington Post: “This is feel-good music in the sense that it’s also music that makes you feel everything. Drawing on the positive pulse of house, disco, and more, Beyoncé uses rhythm to create vast emotional directions.” and sings at length about dignity and desire, and in thick layers of instrumentation and sampling, she speaks to the tremendous breadth of American black dance music.”

The Guardian: “Most of ‘Renaissance’ ventures beyond pastiche into far more eclectic and adventurous territory, with a wonderful soundtrack to a savage summer full of chaos and joy.” Fast-paced bounces merge with glossy, Diana Ross-inspired disco, soul hues, rolling afrobeats and gqom.”All Up in Your Mind” features swirling trap, majestic It’s house, Jersey club, new jack swing, and even gritty, hard-hitting maximalism (courtesy of PC Music’s AG Cook) all within one song space.

Rolling Stone: “The first thing that strikes me about ‘Renaissance’ is its mellow vibe. Even some of the more uptempo cuts here are better than 2011’s ‘Love on Top.’ dabbled in deep house, afrobeat and elegant early ’80s boogie, and stands out as a playful relic of the analog era. Even the massive singles were as rich and organic as the introspective tunes: At Home on a Lazy Afternoon.

Pitchfork: “There’s a playfulness in the way Beyoncé jumps sound and time on Renaissance, but it’s underpinned by the album’s light lyrical density. , the connection, the anthem of giving everything to the power of the moment. ”

Slant: “Beyoncé’s nod to this giant of the dance music realm isn’t exactly subtle, but it doesn’t have to be. She’s joined by the peerless Grace who joins us as guest vocalist on ‘Move.’ Boisterous conversations with figures like Jones and Donna Summer, who gleefully inserts her ‘I Feel Love’ on album-closing ‘Summer Renaissance’ Beyoncé kicks that disco classic Equipped with drums and her own humid trills, she expels us from both the past and the present, transporting us into her unique ecosystem where the beat seems to go on forever as history and future collide. to place.”