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New cultural hub

Park & ​​Market

Downtown’s cultural revitalization has been impacted by this large-scale, comprehensive project. The 225-seat Guggenheim Theater for plays, concerts, and lectures. His 58-seat cinema showing indie and foreign films. 25ft double sided video wall for video installations. gallery space; a ‘civil community’ for research and public policy; A state-of-the-art computer lab. Dance & Wellness Room. And that’s just the tip of the culture iceberg.

Formal Display, Informal Culture

California Center for the Arts

The subculture doesn’t seek approval from art institutions, but it always warms fringe hearts when it does. Contains works by 100 artists. Bobby Lewis (his CEO of the local apparel line, Tribal) and Dr. G Jim Dicent, an art history professor in his Roma his Nazarene.

Stage as feminist expression

moxie theater

The Rolando regional troupe embarks on its 17th season bringing the story of Women+ to life, with a radically comprehensive casting and all the determination of its namesake. After surviving a pandemic ban at “ZoomFest,” they’re back on stage with the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright’s work at its world premiere.

church of sound


Rookie King, definitely. With his $98 million investment in the Hollywood Bowl and Sydney Opera, his house in the city’s outdoor pool is one of the best outdoor music experiences on the planet. View of downtown skyline. Gentle bay breeze. Even better is inclusiveness. During the day it is a public park, with free seating along the edges. Who do you think could also look like a Dyson fan? (Praise.)

Art cool revival

MCASD La Jolla

Hand squeezing has a history of looking ridiculous in rear view. And in his four-year tussle over his $105 million remodel of MCASD La Jolla, his hand nearly dislocated. result? By doubling the size of the museum and quadrupling the exhibition space, a world-class nautical reorientation (now with space for the permanent collection) takes place.

worth the wait

Holding company

Shortly after OB’s three-story music venue/restaurant/bar opened, the world shut down. Now that the venue has reopened, the stage is finally in its prime, featuring bigger acts like Buckcherry, Mickey Avalon and Too Short. It looks like the next seaside music venue is ready.


Otani Art Gallery & Boutique

National festivals, local roots

wonder front

Large music festivals are often a national corporate pursuit. But in his November of this year, San Diego native and longtime promoter Ernie Hahn launched over 80 bands (Gwen Stefani, The Zak Brown Band, Kings Of Leon, G-Eazy, Cage The Elephant, etc.) to his three-day music and art festival. He will take over the downtown waterfront and parks.

Perch that crushes popcorn

Rooftop Cinema Club

Movie lovers will enjoy sunbathing under the stars with breathtaking views of the city and San Diego Bay. Rows and rows of cushioned Adirondack chairs. Headphones for solving outdoor sound system problems, top gun, magic mic When Greatest Showman.

The bookstore as an art form


Daniel Lang has never lived outside of San Diego, but a quick glance through the pages of hardcover artbooks, quarterly glossaries, and more than DIY magazines would make you think he was a seasoned expat. Lang always deals with brand new imports, like Japanese imports. brain gin, or a selection of second-hand books.If you miss a purchase Purple Magazine at Paras News in North Park, this shop is for you.

Up-and-coming art house

Otani Art Gallery & Boutique

Controlling the narrative is exactly what Kim Phillips Pee and Raquel Rhone have been doing for the past few years as the Southeast Art Team. His gallery of black-focused art on Commercial Street showcases Fine His art, portraits, prints, and jewelry created by black artists. Their work has spread to the streets, adding murals to walls that need art.

home theater program

La Jolla Playhouse

The big news this year is the return of the WOW Festival at the La Jolla Playhouse. World-class artists sweep the streets of the city.It marked the return of our own Broadway factory to regular programming. as you likeco-directed by LJP’s Tony Award-winning artistic director Christopher Ashley, and world premiere OutsiderHold on, Ponyboy.

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