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Bayard denies M & M Auto business license

(Photo of press staff by Marcella Johnson)
Councilors Raul Villanueva (left) and Eloy Medina are listening to Ken Hughes with Mayor Chung Fierro, Councilor Francis Gonzalez, and Jose Diaz.

At a hearing held prior to the regular meeting, the Bayard City Council resolved on Monday to reject M & M Auto’s application to renew the city’s business license.
Steve Goverley, a resident living near a car store, held a hearing in a letter detailing his experience and city guidelines for zoning and asked Congress to disapprove his license.
M & M owner Marisa Valenzuela said she is currently working on fixing the problems they are having.
“We don’t have to obey, but we do it to maintain peace. We’re doing it so that people, the two, aren’t having problems,” she said.
M & M owner Matthew Valenzuela said he earns a living through the businesses he runs to support the community. Kenneth Martinez, an employee of M & M, has demonstrated the community value of the business.
“You’re talking about helping-you spent more than $ 1,500 on me with my money,” said resident Serena Crespin.
She opposed the project, calling it “dangerous” and informing the council of the second location of the project she said would lead to “junk” in the city.
Valenzuelas explained that the excess cars in their business were due to the owners being unable to pay for repairs and being forced to store them in the store on-site.
The council then moved to a private meeting, after which it requested the presence of city law enforcement officer Joseph Carlos. They asked executives about the two quotes he put into the business and what he saw on his visit. The council then postponed the hearing and moved to a regular meeting. In the meantime, it resolved to disapprove the license application before moving on to other issues. The councilor said M & M Auto could reapply for a new license after addressing all the issues cited.
After lengthy community discussions, the Board approved a notice of intention to raise utility fees, a notice of intention to adopt a regional wastewater utility, and resolved to adopt a resolution approving the budget for fiscal year 2023.
In public opinion, resident Steve Potts filed a complaint against prosecutor Edna Reyes, who did not notify the arrested police officer after the invasion he witnessed.
Mr Potts said the issue had not yet been tried and Reyes may not have notified himself or his officers when the trial was transferred.
Councilor Raul Villanueva said he was pleased to write to the District Attorney’s Office on the matter, but told Potts to go to DA himself and approach the victims of the invasion to approach DA.
Resident Jade Wilson also notified the council about the Bayard Beautification Committee’s bingo fundraising event on Sunday, July 31st.
Ken Hughes of Sustainable Communities is now discussing potential Bayard membership for a $ 1,000 annual fee. Councilor Francis Gonzalez said he felt it was beneficial to the community and called on him to discuss participating as an action item at the next meeting.
The council approved the agenda, including the minutes of the regular meeting on July 11, the accounts payable report on July 25, and the police report in June.
Consent agenda includes approval of administrative staff and council and mayor to attend the New Mexico City League Conference, approval of Judy Diaz to attend police record management at the New Mexico Seminar, and Anthony Abeles, Adrian. It also included the approval of Badillo and Mikey Paes. Participate in singer valve training.
The adoption of the agenda also approved the resignation of Public Works Director Anthony Abelez, but the councilor agreed to discuss Aberez’s resignation in a later executive session.
The council has appointed Tina Forgas as a member of the Bayard Housing Authority Board and Gary Arellano as Training Officer for the Bayard Volunteer Fire Department. They also approved the June 30 financial report and budget adjustments and approved the city’s unified policy. The board also approved a 25 cent increase in procurement manager certification for Marlena Valenzuela, Tanya Ortiz and Michelle Holguin starting July 30.
The councilor postponed the district court budget discussion with Judge Jose Sandoval and the approval of the 30-day extension of the introduction period of Michelle Holgin and Joseph Gomez, and discussed in a private, private deliberation. I put it on hold.
All members of the council attended. City official Tanya Ortiz represented Kristina Ortiz, the secretary’s accountant on vacation.
The next regular meeting of the council will be held on August 8th at 6 pm